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4 Virtual Products and Services to Sell Online

Here are 4 ways that you can make money selling virtual things –

4 Virtual Products and Services to Sell Online

It’s remarkable how many ways you can make money online! There are so many entrepreneurs out there that were just looking for a golden opportunity. Now they have it.

You can start selling virtual goods now more than ever.

You don’t need inventory or office space, and it can be a simple side-hustle that’s bringing in the dough. No need for a full-time job, which means they can disconnect whenever they please. Plus, implementing policies and processes streamlines the way you sell virtual items.

Here are 4 ways that you can make money selling virtual things –

Mobile Applications & Games

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t easy to make mobile apps and games. And you don’t need to make a clone of something in order to become successful on mobile.

Ads run everything so if you’re able to make a business out of your mobile game then that’s great. Close to $37 Million were spent on mobile apps last year, and people have no problem getting out $0.99 for their favorite app and upgrade.

There’s also the situation of microtransactions, where people can pay a bit of money to buy an upgrade or a new mission/level. They can also pay to remove ads completely, thereby giving the developer a lot of money in one go.

You can also develop an app that’s used by very few people, but for long stretches of time. This way, you can monetize your app by showing video ads. Since they are using your app for a long period of time anyways, they don’t mind watching an ad or two. Banners can get problematic but if done correctly can generate a lot of revenue for you.

Mobile apps are also a growing industry because there are so many smartphones out there. You don’t run out of new ideas and policies because there are so many apps that can take over your space. You need to come up with something truly unique and innovative. Innovation comes from research, so you need to make sure that you have researched the industry that you’re planning on targeting.

Mobile app development can take weeks to master and learning new languages should take months. But if you have the will to do it, then you can do it, and you’re going to get good at it. A lot of the successful apps that launched last year were developed by smaller developers and many times – individuals that were looking to make a solution.

Virtual Assistance

You can sell your services online as well. The VA market is set to reach about $14 Billion by 2020, leading a lot of room for innovation and service. Quality is the key here as a VA has to ensure that there are no lapses in getting the job done.

Since a VA is going to handle sensitive information, companies must vet them properly so that they are able to perform their duties correctly. If there is any problem that they encounter, they should be able to communicate a solution ASAP. Otherwise a virtual assistant may not be able to provide the information needed as per request.

VAs also need to make sure that there are more solutions than problems. There are times when you want someone to answer calls or direct customer service. This is where you need to make sure that there are people around you whom you can rely on.

If the VA is going to be a part of the organization, then you need to make sure that they’re good people to bank on. There are multi-million-dollar companies out there that take VA services and make them standardized for startups to take advantage of. They make sure that you are in the best position possible to take off as much load as possible.

Virtual Currency

There is nothing stopping you from creating value through virtual currencies. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic and if you can get through the virtual currency market by following all legalities necessary, then you can create a platform for yourself that is dependant on investors and start-ups looking to cash-in.

The competition has increased though, with thousands of new coins in circulation. You can also advise other startups on how to take advantage of the crypto-boom and provide lessons on how to master the art of crypto. Virtual currencies will always be a contention of debate because of their volatile nature, but if you are able to ride the wave of crypto and look at the real technology behind blockchain then you may be better off.

Being successful on crypto may become more difficult now, but you can still cash in on one of the biggest waves that the world has seen this past year. Everyone’s talking about it, which means that it’s a ripe market for disruption and innovation.

Virtual Products (Emojis and Stickers)

There are many virtual products that you can sell online, chief among them being emojis and stickers. You can buy them in bulk, so to speak, or design new ones that appeal to a new generation. You can even design packs that resemble your school, your area, or your general vibe.

You can tap into an existing community (architects, accountants, engineers, etc) and create customized packs for them. Keeping the pricing small will help you sell more, which will create more value for you through these packs’ popularity.

As they grow in size, they will become one of the popular ones and people will start getting curious and going online. When they come upon your app, they’ll be more than happy to pay a small amount to use your packs. It’s a great way to make conversations more fun for people and profit at the same time.


There are many services and products that you can sell online, in the virtual world. With so many opportunities out there, entrepreneurs will be hard-pressed not to take advantage of this wave.

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