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Assam Girl was Beaten by Her Father as She Refuses to Join Prostitution

very other day, there is a case of women crime in Assam. This time a father thrashed his child when she refused for prostitution.

Assam Girl was Beaten by Her Father as She Refuses to Join Prostitution

A video of a man fiercely whipping his 15-year old little girl in an Assamese town has turned into a viral sensation via social media sites. 

The police have captured the man, and a first data report (FIR) has been documented against him by his significant other – the mother of the person in question.

Video Goes Viral

Between August 20, 2019, and August 27, 2019, experts found various tweets that conveyed a video of a man fiercely beating a little youngster.

As the video is profoundly realistic and gross and incorporates attack on a minor.

A screenshot from the video

The Tragic Story Behind The Gut-Wrenching Video

On August 27, 2019, Dhanya Rajendra, Editor in-head of The News Minute, tweeted a news report on this occurrence by North East News and expressed that it occurred in the Nagaon region of Assam.

The incident occurred in the Mowamari town, which falls under Samaguri Police Station.

Reporters connected Sub-Inspector Upen Sarma of Mowamari OP – which falls under Samaguri Police Station – and is the examining official of the case. Sarma affirmed to us that the video was without a doubt from an episode that occurred towards part of the bargain the Mowamari town of Assam.

Sarma said that the entire occurrence began when the 15-year-old young lady was being pressurized into prostitution by her dad and grandma.

"She had would not yield to the weight from her dad and grandma. That is the point at which the dad ruthlessly whipped her. He has been captured at the start of August 2019, is still under lock-up. The unfortunate casualty's mom – who's the spouse of the principal charged – has recorded an FIR against her better half," said Sarma.

After the occurrence, the young lady was raced to the emergency clinic with genuine wounds, where she remained for a couple of days under perception. "She is improving at this point. She is as of now dwelling with her mom at her maternal uncle's home, where they deal with her, " said Sarma.

The father has been distinguished as Jamaluddin, who's a seller by calling, with supposed connects to sex dealing. Moreover, the police guaranteed that Jamaluddin has likewise endeavored to drive three of his exes into prostitution, after which they had petitioned for legal separation.

He is at present held at the Samaguri Police Station, where he anticipates preliminary.

Watch video:

A disturbing number of cases identifying with settlement incited viciousness are likewise on the ascent. Police records educated: "Their in-laws supposedly slaughtered another 166 ladies for a share in 2018. The quantities of endowment related homicides are additionally expanding in the state. There were in the range of 150 such cases enlisted in Assam in 2017 and 2016 each."

A past report in 2017 driven by the State's Women Commission demonstrates that around 83.7 percent ladies, for the most part in rustic territories of the state, were physically maltreated by her significant other and relatives. Other than being physically manhandled, ladies in the country.

Assam has been observed to confront verbal maltreatment from their spouses or in-laws for not bearing a youngster, particularly a male child. Besides, some 34.1 percent of ladies were even forced into sex.

A very recent incident reflects another view of the situation in Assam

Just a day back, there was the news of another Assam girl who was rescued from Delhi.

The Delhi Commission for Women on Monday stated that a 16-year-old young lady from Assam was saved from the Holambi Kalan region.

The young lady was brought here nine months prior on the affection of giving work by an individual known to the family, said DCW authorities.

"Both the young lady and her sister were constrained into prostitution by the man and his wife. When they failed, they assaulted the young ladies and did not give sustenance to them. One of the young ladies later figured out how to escape and met a lady, Radha (name changed), who at that point moved toward the Commission," read a DCW articulation.

The announcement included, "The survivor has educated that there are around 20 young ladies in the house. While the survivor was moved to a safe house home, different young ladies are yet to be saved."

DCW director Swati Maliwal stated, "It is shocking that such deplorable wrongdoings are happening but then stay undetected by the police. Different groups ought to be made and grants reported for any individual who gives data about the young ladies."

Notwithstanding, the salvage prompted a back-and-forth between the Delhi Police and the DCW. The DCW claims that the police had at first would not record an FIR; however, later, they enrolled in a case. In any case, the police said the lady educated them about the young lady.


"Around five days prior, a bystander recognized a young lady and gave her over to the police. The young lady does not know the particular area... We have just recorded a case and are testing the issue," a senior cop said.

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