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Better Conversion with Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword research is a critical part of SEO. You would need to understand the stages of buying if you want to get hold of keywords for conversion.

Better Conversion with Keyword Research and Optimization

Most of the people think that SEO is done to get traffic. While it is the truth, it is the partial truth. If you take a closer look and try to understand the process, you will realize that search engine optimization is all about getting you more revenue by making your brand famous.

The misconception about SEO misleads the experts while doing keyword research and optimization.

The marketers, especially the aspiring marketers, take a quick look at the monthly search volume and then go for a quick market comparison to decide upon the keyword.

This is not enough to get you keyword research and optimization success. When you go this way, you leave behind a large gap which can ruin your SEO effort totally.

If this is your only way to do keyword research, you will end up with the most searched keywords. So, what is wrong in choosing keywords this way, you might be wondering. The problem with such keywords is – they are used to drive traffic. These are not created or used for conversion. Remember that conversion is the main objective of SEO.

You need to step away from this error and look for keywords that have the ability to convert traffic into positive leads.

Aligning Keywords

So, how do you do it? How do you find keywords for conversion? Before you begin with keyword research, you need to remember that the keywords should align with the content theme and the buyers need.

The buying decision of a buyer comes after some stages. The first stage is the awareness stage.  It is seen that people first research extensively before they make the buying decision. They usually look at the products, compare prices before hitting the buy button. Also, when it comes to expensive products, the buyers usually like to buy from the physical store.

Once the information is gathered, the buyers usually look at the other similar products. This is the consideration stage. In this stage, the buyers step out of the limitation of the required products and look at the alternatives for more information.

The reason you should invest time on this research is – you would need this information for implement conversion funnel into the buying steps. For this, you need to get back to SEO analysis. You must create the pages of your website to balance each buying steps of the buyers.

After you have gotten your keyword research data, you would need to perform customer mapping. You would need to assess the customer behavior to know how they are going react to your products at the awareness and consideration stage.

Most of the websites make the mistakes of highlighting one of the stages. They either create too much awareness content or they end up creating too much decision making content. Due to this they end up with optimizing one of the pages while other two remains unattended.

Keyword research is somewhat dependent on the website content. This is why before doing anything, you need to go for content assessment. This helps in further keyword research and optimization process.

So, now the question is – how do you look for keyword based on funnel stage?

Finding Keyword for Conversion

To find the right keyword for conversion, you need to focus on PPC. Yes, this is important. Pay per click is created to focus only on the keywords that can get positive leads. Conversion is the only focus point of PPC keyword research process.

When you start getting deeper into this matter, you will be able to see that buyers use some specific words when they are looking for products. They adhere to words like review and best stores while doing their research.

The more you get into this, the better you would be able to detect the buying stage from the use of the specific words.

Different Stages, Different Specific Words

At the initial stage, buyers usually opt for words related to issues and opportunities. This takes place because buyers are just waking up to the challenges of finding the right product. This is one of the reasons why you should always look for opportunity words when you are trying to optimize your awareness page for conversion.

People click a link only when they identify their problems in the content. They subconsciously decide that the blog post is going to help them find the right solution.

So, you understand that when you are researching keyword for conversion, you are not just sticking to the old school volume and competition. You are actually stepping out the boundary and looking at the funnel stages of buying.

Top Funnel Keywords

To get started with this keyword research stage, you need to first jot down all the challenges that you think buyers can face while selecting a product. This is going to be the manual for future keyword for conversion research.

You need to focus on the topic and start building the category. Once you have created a satisfactory list of words which buyers might use for their product selection process, you can plug the words in keyword analysis tools to generate the awareness keywords.

Middle Funnel Keywords

In this stage people usually look for options. The try to search for the solutions of the challenges they are facing. In this stage buyers use specific terms to search for the product they are looking for. This is because, they have already done the initial research and now have the information to go for in-depth product research.

Studies show that the buyers look at more than ten different products before they make a buying decision. Because the buyers are in the comparison mode in this stage, you need to show them what you have to offer.

You would need to create the content carefully as buyers will move out of the web page if they don’t find what they are looking for.

End Funnel Keywords

This is the decision making stage. Here the buyers weigh all the available options before making the buying decision. Here you need to play with the site content. In the other two stages you have used keywords to get people this far. Once they are here, you need to offer them the text and visual effect that they end up buying.

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