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Boosting Email Subscription – Why Should You Try Hard to Get it Done

Don’t ignore email marketing as a dead marketing strategies. There are immense benefits of using emails. Here are some tips to get people signup for your email newsletters.

Boosting Email Subscription – Why Should You Try Hard to Get it Done

There is a common phrase in the digital marketing world it says – “the money is hiding in the list”.

Each day, the world is getting introduced to yet another technological wonder. Amidst the technology and modern day marketing technique, many put email marketing in the antique closet, taking it as old school marketing strategy. However, what many don’t realize, email marketing still holds the power to force people make purchase by continuous word hammering. When done right, email marketing can give you two important gifts – profit generating and long term brand loyalty.

Before, going any further, let’s have look at why it is so important to have a solid email marketing list. Actually, we are trying to answer the question – why should you make an effort to build the list.

Importance of Email Marketing

Anyone who is thinking of venturing into online marketing, needs to have an email marketing strategy. Without it, you will be drifting into the dark alleys of the digital without any knowledge of where to find your potential customers.

One key reason email marketing works is – due to the personal touch which it comes up with. Yes, there is no denying the fact that email marketing is a person tool which you can use to bond with your customers, to offer information or to just interact with them. It can be anything you want it to be.

This a purposeful service because, when someone is registering for your email newsletters, the person must have some level of interest in your product to go to that length. When you send an email to this person, you know that you are hitting a solid lead. This is targeted marketing and that’s why you need to be careful about the way you craft your emails. Always remember that it takes a minute to subscribe and less than a second to go the other way.

So, what about social media? Go ahead ask that question. We will be glad to answer.

There are social media buffs who would wave their hands and deny email marketing as an ancient strategy which don’t work in the modern era. Sure, it comes with no guarantee. But, then again nothing in the digital world comes with any guarantee. No social media expert can sit and guarantee you result. They can only guarantee their best performance.

When you sign up for the social media biggies like Facebook or Twitter, what do you use to get the subscription? Yes, they ask for email addresses. These giants know that emails have great effect on human minds. This is why they don’t ask for other contact details.

Social media will allow you to reach out to your customers. But, how do you hold them tight? How do you continuously remind them that you have not forgotten about them? of course, you need to balance your act. You need to control your urge to send them emails every day. This might irk them into unsubscribing. But, regular emails do have effect on the visitors’ mind.

Now, the million dollar question – how get more people subscribe for your email newsletters?

Use Content Upgrade

The fact is – you can offer ebooks to get more people subscribe to your newsletters. However, the catch with ebooks is – it cannot be used to get everyone’s attention. Why is that?

Well, simple, the one who would be interested in blogging tips might not care for SEO boosting tips. In this case, if you use one topic for your ebook, you will lose people who are looking for the other. As a solution, you can use content upgrade. You can have a lengthy discussion about a topic and then at the end of the content you can ask the readers to signup for more discussion on the same topic. This works when you are trying to draw diverse number of people to your email list.

You can have a consultation with an analytic expert to know about the topics which get more attention. Based on this information, you can create your content upgrade strategy. You will have to come up with plans to add value to the content by inputting right information just at the end of the content. This is like the cliffhanger ending of the series which promises for more in the next season.


This is another way of getting people’s attention. Sometimes when visitors leave websites without signing up, people take it that the visitor does not care for the product. However, it has been seen that most of the visitors don’t signup for newsletters on the first visit. This is why you need to reach for the visitors who are leaving without signing up.

You can seek assistance from an expert to know how to use retargeting to get these people back. However, there is one insight – don’t go after the visitor who have left after looking at your sign up page. They are not likely to sign up. Instead, you should target those who have left after visiting the landing page.

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves free gifts. Your website visitors will love it too. You need think and plan this gift carefully. The prospect of getting a gift never fails to appeal to people. Even if it is a simple one, they are sure to sign up to get the gift.

Another way you can get them to signup is by running a contest. Here you need to be careful about what kind of contest you run and who it will appeal to. Though these are old school marketing strategies, these still work like wonder.

Lastly, it is essential to say that email marketing is not the fastest way of building a solid lead base. There are other strategies which will give you faster result. However, email marketing is one of the most effectives. When you do this right, it generates decent amount of leads. This is one of the reasons, why sites like Amazon or Ebay go through the pain of sending out emails on regular basis.


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