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Content Maintenance Hacks for Evergreen Contents

Your old contents have huge impact. Learn how you can use these for better views and engagement.

Content Maintenance Hacks for Evergreen Contents

Anyone can create a content marketing strategy. This tool is available for everyone. There is no fixed niche or format for content marketing strategy. You can create a strategy based on your content requirement.

However, that does not mean content marketing is easy. It does not mean that you can just create an effective content marketing strategy based on one factor. There are multiple elements to take care of. In case, you don’t pay attention or fail to focus on these elements, your effort might fail badly.

Often marketers end up ignoring essential content marketing elements which can improve search engine raking. Content marketing maintenance is the factor which is the most ignored.

Updating the already published contents can be helpful in getting SEO boost. However, with the recent Google algorithm change, only content updating does not yield the desired result anymore.

So, let’s have a look at the challenges in content marketing strategy which most of the marketers face.

Challenges in Content Marketing Strategy

Content creation process follows a defined routine. Often this routine gets repeated several times. The routine begins with content topic researching and ends with the content creation. If you are into blogging or content writing or content marketing, you must be aware of each one of the stages perfectly.

Once the content is created and published, there comes the most ignored stage of content creation process. It is the content maintenance stage. Marketers usually ignore the old contents due to the new content creation need.

However, what about the timeless contents that you have created so passionately? What about the effort you have put into the creation of these contents? Would you just let these fade away in favor of other contents?

In fact, an effective content marketing strategy demands that you take a look at the old contents which still hold the power to educate the modern generation. People, who are registering to your website today, will not have a look at the year-old contents. This is why - sometimes you need to go back in time and have a look at the contents that you have created with pride and fondness.

When you look at it this way – neglecting the need to update content maintenance would not really make sense. So, with right content maintenance strategy, you need to amplify the effect of the already published contents of your website.

There are many brands that have generated huge traffic just by right content maintenance strategy. They have found their timeless contents and updated them. The process has gained the success, the other brands can only imagine.

However, there is just one catch. Timeless contents that hold power to drive huge traffic take time to create. If you have made the effort to create such a piece of content, it is time – you should gain profit from the hard work.

Here is a list of things which you can do to improve your content marketing effort overnight.

Figure Out the Tech Issues

Technical issues are parts of websites. It does not matter how updated your website is or how technically advanced the development process is – over the time the effectiveness will start to decay. There will come a time when you would have to run a website audit and pinpoint the issues that are ruining your SEO effort.

You may have published your content when your website had been in its best condition. However, you need to realize that since then, Google algorithm has changed many times. If you have a look at it today, you will surely find some weaknesses that need fixing. So, don’t delay in this, have a website audit today.

Google has made some changes in the Meta description part. This change has rendered the previous 160 character limit obsolete. Therefore, if you have optimized your Meta description even a year ago, it now needs updating.

Therefore, you can understand, you simply cannot leave it to the search engine. To succeed in this digital marketing world, you need to keep a watchful eye on the changes that are taking place.

Along with the Meta description, there might be some other aspects of the website which might need updating. The link of your published posts might need attention or the title tag might need some improvement. You never know where your attention might be needed. Thus a thorough audit is recommended by the digital marketing experts.

Give Your Old Posts a Makeover

The digital marketing experts encourage the marketers to revamp their contents. However, they are also against revamping all the published contents. If you want to use the old posts, you need to find the most popular blog posts for the purpose of revamping.

Begin with Google analytics reports. You need to find those posts that have generated traffic and encouraged people to leave comments. However, here you need to understand that contents written on trending topics might not work here. You will have to find the contents with the educational appeal. These contents can be used over and over again.

Before taking these pages out for revamping, make sure to run a quick backlink check. Ensure that you are revamping the already established pages. Also, you need to once again review the purpose of creating the contents.

The experts claim that each piece of content has some kind of purpose behind it. To revamp it, you will have to review the purpose and add value if possible. Remember that a timeless blog post topic takes time to gain momentum. But, in the future, such contents can help you earn a large number of views and high engagement.

Lastly, it is not a pleasant work. Sometimes delving into the old pile comes with a sense of stagnation. However, old contents have the potential to get the attention of the web visitors. Evergreen contents can expand your brand by adding values. If you are trying to build authority, you need to pay attention to creating contents that can be used anytime and anywhere.

So, go back and see if you can improve the old contents with little effort. If yes, don’t hesitate to revamp the contents and use them for better traffic.

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