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Decoding Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Strategy

In 2018, when creating buzz has become an essential marketing strategy, you should have a look at Kim Kardashian’s social media strategy. She has done it with success. You can too by learning how she did it.

Decoding Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Strategy

You may hate her, you may even turn your face away each time she appears on the screen. But, you cannot deny that she knows how to use social media to become a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian has more than 40 million Twitter followers. She has more than 60 million Instagram followers. She is the face everyone identifies without trouble.

So, what’s her secret? How she unleashed the power of social media this way? Could you do it too? Well, yes, you can. But, you must first decode her strategy to use it for your own benefit.

If you keep an eye on her, you would see that she does not make a single move which she does not cover on social media. This continuous being on social media finally got her the required popularity. As her fame grows, her business grows with it too.

Here are some of the tricks that she used for her advantage. You can do it too with little push and being strategic with your move.

Knowing Audience

Even today, when social media experts have gotten their voice hoarse crying out about knowing the audience first, there are people who jump in it without having slightest idea about who their target audience is.

Kim did not make this mistake. She moved into the turf knowing her audience. She appealed to the mind of the people who would be her followers. The basic of the product which she sold was her beauty. She knows her strength and uses it to get attention.

So, you need to understand two important facts before moving forward – who will buy your product and what is your forte. Once these two secrets are decoded, you can easily go ahead with the rest of the social media strategy Kim followed get the celebrity status.

Going Live

She is active in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But, she makes sure to use the instant social media platforms like Snapchat as well. The immediacy of her social status made people follow her as they find the continuous updates interesting.  

However, on the downside of this strategy, you would be giving out your current location all the time to the unknown number of people. This might lead you to trouble if you don’t have the luxury of having your personal security by your side all the time.

However, don’t be disappointed, you can always strike a balance between her campaign and your own. You can report the event later instead of going live on social media. Of course, make sure to hit the social media while the event is still trending.

Power of Selfie

While other brands hire people to popularize their brands, Kim did it herself. The modern generation marketers have a team to promote their products. They have digital marketing manager, they have SEO experts and they have the brand ambassadors. However, Kim used none of these people to present herself before the audience.

She created a whole new concept by being the face of her own brand. She has practically created the selfie trend which went viral on social media.

While you might not be able to use the power of selfie like she did, but, you can do use the power of images. Offer you audience more than the crafted contents. You need to present a collage using which they will be able to create an image of your background.

Give them bits of information. It could be the brand of cookie you eat with your morning coffee. It could be the way your team interact with each other. Or, you might give them a little about your hobby. Whatever it is, the secret is to connect with your audience on the personal level. It creates the best brand loyalty.

Experience that Stands Out

It is not about doing something no one else did, it is about doing better than everyone else. If you break down the social media strategy of Kim Kardashian, you will see that she has given ample effort to make all her moves outstanding.

This you can do too. While promoting your product on social media create an experience for the audience which they will not forget. This can be anything like surprising them with a free gift or wishing them personally on their birthday or maybe going live with one of your followers. You can create podcasts where your followers talk about their experience about your product.

It is just leveraging the reach of social media by getting attached to people who follow you. Instead of being a part of a conversation, you should have the approach to create the conversation. This is going to give you the fame you desire on social media. So, make them talk about it. The more they mention you in their posts, the better fame you earn.

Expand Your Brand

Success formula can be a risky domain. Time and again, this truth has bared its ugly tentacles before the world. People often get stuck in the realm of success. This Kim had not done. She did not stay focused on reality shows only. She made sure to go past the success formula and create something new. If you look at it now, she owns her makeup brand, clothing brand and even diet products.

This teaches a very valuable lesson. When you are promoting yourself, you need to offer fresh ideas. If you stick to a single approach and use it every day, people will eventually get tired of it. They will lose interest and gradually you will lose viewership.

Therefore, instead of falling into the trap of a success formula, you need to keep thinking how you can offer new ideas to the audience. Variety always offers fresh paths. This is why, you need to keep updated with the trends always. Make sure to experiment with the new content approach, new voice and even live video chats.

Lastly, don’t ignore the power of launches. This earns a lot of attention to a brand. Even if it is a video that you are launching, make a big deal of it, announce the launch, talk about it and even write press release of the event.

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