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E-book is an Effective Marketing Tool – Here is How You Can Write One

E-book is a vital part of digital marketing. But, do you know how to create a compelling e-book. Here are some pointers.

E-book is an Effective Marketing Tool – Here is How You Can Write One

It seems the entire web world is dominated by e-books. Every website you visit, offers e-book in exchange of registration. These books come in every shapes and sizes. There are effective e-books that come with immense value. There are ineffective e-books that come with no value at all. There are long e-books. There are short and snappy ones.

Looking at this surge, one might wonder what makes e-book such an important tool for marketing. Why invest so much time on something like this? Why make an effort of undertaking such an overwhelming task? Why?

Here we are going to cover the important of e-books, the challenges you might face writing one and some pointers to create a great e-book for better promotion.

The Importance

  • Well, when the customers get to see that they will receive an e-book for giving out their email address, they usually take the deal. E-book offers the sense of value. When information comes in the form of PDF file, people usually treat it with respect. This is a psychological advantage which e-book writers have got over the simple blog writers.

  • E-book offers valuable information to the customers. Well, not all the e-books that you receive will offer you the required information. But, people take it for granted that the document will offer compelling information. This is why offering e-book gets people register to a website easily.

  • It looks professional. Yes, it e-book is in fact a great professional document. You would need to create this to earn respect of the potential customers. When you offer an e-book, your customer will take you seriously.

  • In 2018, e-book is being considered one of the greatest lead magnets. The marketers, the bloggers and even the successful writers are all doing it. E-book is a snappy way of showcasing talent and knowledge.

Well, having said these, we must admit that there are some challenges which you are bound to face when using e-book as a marketing tool. Here is a quick look at the challenges before moving over to the method of writing one.

  • Monitoring the performance of an e-book is difficult. You will never be able to gauge how people are reacting to the e-book you are sending. Once the readers download your e-book, you have no way of tracking down the reaction. Of course you can solicit feedback through a follow up mail. But, that usually does not work.

  • Large e-book presents the challenge of sending out. It can be difficult to send out a large e-book. This is why, usually e-books are created short and snappy, no more than twenty pages.

  • Screen might present a big problem for you. Different screens react differently to the e-books. This is why, the effect of this marketing tool might be lost if the customers don’t get to see it.

However, there are ways to overcome these challenges. E-book is the lead magnet which you can use for variety of reasons. Of course, you will have to make effort to create the e-book.

Topic Selection – You see, the topic plays a great role when you are writing an e-book. What you are offering must align with the product that you are selling. Otherwise, your e-book will not hold any value. An e-book must solve a problem the customers are facing. If it is not a problem solving document, it needs to answer a question. You need to decide which one this is going to be.

Creativity - You must use your creativity, when you are writing your e-book. Here your expertise, your skill and you talent everything plays big role. You are showcasing your talent. Therefore, don’t hold yourself back.

Research - Research is important when you are using e-book as a marketing tool. Text is important but facts and figures are also important. This is not a blog post which you can write and forget. This is a document, you are creating. This is why, you must support your theory with accurate facts.

Format – Because this is a marketing tool, you need to format it according to the market requirement. It must have an introduction. Make sure that the introduction does not go beyond one and half page. Lengthy introduction is like long prologue. People usually lose interest. Here you need to raise the question, you are going to answer. Introduce the questions early in the book, so that people know what to expect from the document.

Outline – Because e-book is a long document which needs commitment, you might lose your way in between. This is why, you need to work out a roadmap. This outline will help you stay on track when you are creating the document. It will remind you what you have already written and what you need to write. Some writers will tell you that the e-book is a collection of blog posts. This is true. However, each blog post must align with each other. For this alignment, you need to have an outline.

The Language – A lot depends on the language of the e-book which you use. Some writers prefer to use lengthy and complicated language while writing e-books. This is not really required. In fact, the expert marketers encourage people to stick to simple language. Using simple language is the best way to convey information. also, simple language will make the e-book exciting.

Color and Design – Even though this is a text based document, you would still have to adorn it with proper color and design. The readers need to feel compelled to read the e-book till the end. Of course, you will use your brand color. But, you would need to use it carefully, so that readers don’t feel overwhelmed by the use of color.

Use Quotes – Quotations of the experts of the industry are vital elements of e-books. Using quotes will make you look smart and well-read to the readers. Don’t ignore the importance of the quotes.

Lastly, don’t forget to promote the e-book. This will help you reach maximum number of readers.

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