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E commerce Conversion Facts that Every Beginner Needs to be Aware of

There is only one objective of an e commerce website – sale. Find out how you can increase conversion rate of your e commerce website.

E commerce Conversion Facts that Every Beginner Needs to be Aware of

Lately, most of the social media posts and articles are encompassing around conversion. It has become immensely important because everyone wants to make profit from websites and blogs. If you are running an ecommerce website, you need to focus on the conversion rate even more.

At the initial stage people think that all they need to do is – create a website and drive people to the webpage. They think that this will increase the sale. However. After the site is up and live, after the social media pages begin to attract traffic, the bitter reality strikes with all its force. It is the time when people finally find out that nothing is working. Visitors are coming and hitting the like button and then they are leaving – without making purchase. Yes, this is the real picture and once it reveals itself people understand, finally, that they need to work harder to turn traffic into lead.

Setting up your business website is just the first step. The real work starts from that point. However, getting into the dogma of conversion – let’s just have a look at the meaning of conversion. What does it mean? Actually, for different business, conversion comes with different meaning and it is time the meaning gets decoded.

Conversion at a Glance

Conversion is a desired action which visitors take after landing on your webpage. This action should match the definition of your business objective. What do you want to accomplish by setting up your business? Of course, you want to make sale since it is an ecommerce website which you are running. But, what are you selling products or service? The success metrics of an ecommerce website is not limited to making sale only. There are a lot of related factors which you need to remember.

When someone is adding something to the cart, you can call it a success, because, your product has nudged the buyer’s instinct. The same goes for the wish-list as well. When someone adds something to the wish list, you can take it as a successful action because that particular product has stricken the buyer’s nerve. Email registration is another sign that what you are doing is right. It is because, when people sign up for email, it is a sign that they want to know more about your service and products. Lastly, social media share is a sure shot sign that you are going the right way.

How Much is Good

This is a big question which you need to ask when you are opting for conversion rate growth. How much conversion should be considered good enough for an ecommerce website?

You will be surprised to know that most of the e commerce websites convert only 1 percent of the visitors who come to visit their website. The biggies of the market increase this percentage into 2. Yes, 2 percent is a good enough rate for the ecommerce websites that are running currently.

So, now you know the target of conversion rate. You need to keep this 2 percent in mind while implementing your strategy for conversion.

Calculating Conversion Rate for Ecommerce Website

The conversion rate is measurable. This is the best thing about any digital strategy. There will be software or analytics which will give you the clear picture of the effort which you are putting for your website.

Before, you go head on towards the conversion rate growth strategy, you need to know what exactly the visitors are doing online. This will help you set your benchmark of conversion rate. You first have to understand where the visitors are facing obstacles. They might not like to pay the delivery charge. They might not like the price of the products. Or, they may find the similar products at much cheaper rate elsewhere. The problem with e commerce is the array of numbers. There are too many websites running at the same time. It is easy to find another website within a jiffy.

If you get down to talk to an expert, you will only hear about tests. Of course testing is important. But, for that you would need a foundation. Based on this, you will be able to do your strategy testing.

Tools for Improved Conversion Rate

When you begin your search you will be able to find tools which can propel the recent conversion rate of your website. Most of the e commerce websites use Inspeclet. This is an amazing tool which allows you keep an eye on the visitors who are visiting your website. This is like a CCTV camera set on your website. By using this website, you will be able to understand which product is attracting more attention. You will also be able to understand which product is chasing people away. Such knowledge helps in understanding the next move which will help you convert the traffic easily.

Mixpanel is another tool which you can use for the purpose of conversion rate growth. This tool will help you know about the actions which your website visitors are making. The drawback of the tool is – it is not as detailed as the previous one. However, it will give you an in-depth picture of the action that is being made by the people who are visiting your website. You will be able to know how many times they are clicking and which product is attracting their attention. These are important if you really want to skyrocket your conversion rate.

CrazyEgg gives you an eye which will see the visitors scroll and interactions. With this tool you will be able to revamp your website lest it needs a makeover. This is a handy tool if you can use it well.

Google Analytics is the most effective tool which you can use for your website conversion rate growth. It will let you understand the way visitors are finding your website. You will also be able to understand – how long people are staying on a particular page. Additionally, it will let you know where your key visitors are coming from.

There are ways to boost conversion as well. However, that deserves a separate post which we are planning to come up with soon.


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