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Few Facebook Mistakes Brands Must Avoid

Facebook marketing is all about creativity. You just need to stop making the common mistakes and your branding will create a buzz in no time.

Few Facebook Mistakes Brands Must Avoid

With almost 2 billion users social media is certainly the talk of the town now. It is no secret that the young generation is addicted to all the social networking sites. Almost everyone is having their accounts on at least 2 of the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and more. Beating everyone Facebook has emerged out with the maximum number of users.


From being just a social networking site to grabbing the eyeballs of approximately 2 billion users, Facebook has come a long way. It took a little over 14 years in the industry for Facebook to secure a special place of its own.


The phenomenal rise of Facebook is quite fascinating. No wonder every business wants to be on this platform to promote themselves. Well, who wouldn’t want to explore a platform that has so many users? The database is the major reason for which Facebook marketing has gained such importance.


However, with little or no knowledge, the brands usually make some silly Facebook marketing mistakes, that they regret later on. Here are a few deadly Facebook marketing mistakes that a brand should avoid at any cost.


Focusing only on the selling part

Presenting a product or a brand in front of 2 billion users can be a bit tricky. While presenting, only focusing on selling the product or service can be a wrong decision. There is a major difference between Facebook and Linkedin, one needs to understand this very clearly. Facebook allows a little personal talk, whereas, Linkedin has a professional boundary for all.


Users have become more demanding now; they only look out for genuine and engaging content. While promoting on this community, you need to sell your product wisely. Try to strike up a conversation with the audience, this will not only increase your brand visibility but will also help in lead conversion, which should be the main motive.


This does not mean that you will stop posting adds, more does it mean that you should blend your Facebook marketing strategy with soft sell and genuine content. This will make your readers love your brand more.


Letting negative comments pass

Brands quite often forget that they are putting themselves up for display on an open community and that will attract positive as well as negative comment. It is a common trend of the brands to think that they can get away with anything, even if it means responding rudely or not at all responding to negative comments.


Negative comments do not go too well with any brand, that too on an open community like Facebook. Any user may find any of the posts to be not relevant; the next thing you will find is a negative comment. Most of the brands are yet to learn how to deal with negative comments on Facebook. Either the brand ignores the comment and lets it pass or reverts rudely and even tries to delete the same.


Ignoring or reverting rudely or deleting is only going to harm your reputation more than you can ever think of. This is one of the major Facebook mistakes a brand does. Instead, you can take the comment lightly and start a conversation with the person who has responded negatively.


Instead of turning away your face from such situation, be thoughtful, prompt and wise in your response. Your comment will also reflect how much you are dedicated to ensure that a customer is satisfied with your brand.


Stop being repetitive

Facebook marketing is not an easy task; it needs a lot of thoughts, ideas, and creativity to create one post. Displaying something shabby will reflect the poor creativity of your team members. In fact, it will showcase your brand in a wrong way.


Most of the brands have a habit of posting the same thing over and over again. It shows that your brand lacks originality. If you keep repeating things, gradually you will start losing the audience.


While doing any sort of social media marketing the presence of mind plays a big role in turning things around for a brand. You don’t really have the freedom to display different things as your brand is dealing with one particular thing only. So how do you get out of this situation? How do you stop making silly Facebook mistakes? The answer is very simple, you need to create some unique posts with new content and mages every day, in the end, the message you are trying to convey will remain the same but the presentation has to be different every single time.


The moment you stop caring about uploading creative posts, your users will stop checking your brand out too. Don’t hire someone who is only having experience on doing Facebook marketing; hire someone who has a creative overview to contribute as well.


Not knowing the audience properly

Before jumping into Facebook marketing, ask yourself why you are getting into this in the first place? Do you even know your audience properly? Do you have any idea what they want?


Facebook really wants the brands to know their audience well, that’s why they have come up with different tools for setting targets. You need to just learn how to use it. You cannot live with the fact that every person is in dire need of your product. You must have a set of audience who is looking to connect with your brand. You need to find them out.


What do you want your audience to do with your product? How do you want them to use it? What are the pros and cons of your brand? What are the things your brand is lacking that needs to be solved? All these questions call for a thorough research work.


One thing you must remember is, your set of followers is different individuals, and they will have their own priorities, objectives and problems. You will have to understand their demand and deal with it.


The Facebook marketing tools will come handy for you. You can set the location, interests and other info you think will be relevant to find your set of audience and the rest of you can rely on Facebook to show you the data.


It is always advisable to prepare a set of questionnaire about the targeted audience of your brand and answer them one by one. This will make the work flow smooth and easy for you.


Being inconsistent in posting

Everyone wants to join the crowd, everyone wants to follow the trend ignoring the support needed to carry it forward. Joining Facebook just because all the other brands are there is not the right decision. It is a very common Facebook marketing mistake of a brand. Without determining the purpose of being on the social networking site they will just grab the opportunity to create a page to attract audiences.


This sudden decision often leads to major disasters. Initially, you will be quite eager to post new things about your brand, but with the passing time, the number of posting will reduce, as you don’t know the purpose of being there.


It conveys a bad message to all the followers. Your likers will end up thinking that you are too busy doing something else and you have gradually decreased the number of posting per day. This will leave them feeling ignored and not wanted.


Inconsistent posting is a deadly mistake any brand can do. Don’t hurry to join the gang, instead, you should take your time to create a power-packed Facebook marketing plan and then only explore this open community. You must have your posting schedule ready at least 2 months before creating the page on this platform.


Always asking for likes

It is a very common scenario on Facebook that most of the posts end with ‘like us’ tag. This shows how desperately your brand needs a good social media strategy. You can never get anyone to like your posts or page if they don’t want to.


Just skip the idea of asking audiences to like or comment on your posts or your page; this will showcase a very poor thought process behind the brand marketing. The wisest idea is to upload balance witty content with appealing images, this will help to captivate the users. Once you engage the audience with your daily activities, you can be sure of getting the number of likes you are looking for.


The ultimate motive of being on Facebook is to generate leads, 'likes' should never be the sole concern of a brand. You should not concentrate so much on the likes, that you forget for what purpose drove your to join this platform.


Ignoring the importance of mobile

Research work conveys that almost 1.51 million Facebook users visit the site from their smartphone. Therefore, creating a well-designed page compatible only with the desktops will not serve your purpose.


It is about time each brand should think of optimizing their Facebook pages for the smartphone users. Sometimes it takes hours to load a certain Facebook page on a mobile phone; it even happens that some images don’t show properly on the mobile. This can turn out to be very irritating for any visitor.


To achieve what you are looking for, you need to make your page compatible with smartphones as well. It has been observed that nowadays, people only browse from their mobile phone as their busy schedule don’t permit them to actually open Facebook from their desktop or laptop.


Ignoring the importance of mobile might land you in major trouble. You may end up losing your targeted audiences and a chunk amount of money.


Uploading wrong contents

Publishing wrong content on the Facebook page can be extremely harmful to your brand. You have created the page with a purpose if you keep on publishing irrelevant Facebook contents ultimately the result will be quite fatal.


Your brand and the content have to go with each other. Suppose your brand is dealing with tours and travels, you can choose topics like interesting places to visit or food to explore in different states or maybe the culture of a certain place and so on.


You will have to check that content that you are putting up for the millions of users to read are in context with your own brand. It should not give out a bad image of your brand. Content says it all, therefore, be careful in publishing only things co-related to your brand.


To make your page more interesting, you can publish the images of a typical official day or maybe some official events, or even office picnics. This will not only engage the audience but will also make them appreciate you for the personal touch.


Not allowing users to comment

Comments will tell you how your Facebook marketing strategy is doing. Most of the brands don’t create posts which will encourage the users to revert with their own opinion. This is another major Facebook mistake.


The fear of attracting negative comments makes the brand take such decisions. However, you must remember that if you have created a page for the customers to see, people will be judgemental. You will have to be receptive to the negative thoughts and comments.


In fact, creating posts that allows the customers to give their opinion are much appreciated. This not only creates a special bonding between the brand and the customer but it also converts a visitor to a loyal customer.


You should involve yourself in commenting, responding and conversing with all the customers. Also, you need to welcome all the negative comments, try to solve their problems and improve the points.

Facebook marketing is not always about selling, this is a major point one has to understand. Of course, selling your brand is a purpose, but it should not be the sole purpose. Instead, you should focus more on spreading your brands’ name in the public and encourage your users to share and talk about your brand. This, in turn, will add more value to your business.