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Find your Untagged Picture on Facebook through the Facial Recognition Tool

Facebook has launched a new facial recognition feature that helps the user to detect the pictures and videos of themselves on the platform even if they are not tagged in.

Find your Untagged Picture on Facebook through the Facial Recognition Tool


Facebook has introduced a facial recognition tool that will unlock the videos & images of the people if they are uploaded to this platform. You can easily track down the accounts and the people impersonating your pictures and using them online.


Photo Review developed by Facebook uses Al technology that can easily pinpoint the untagged pictures. The idea of this facial recognition software is developed in securing the account of the user and make them aware of their pictures being posted. Once the Facebook spots you on the site, a notification will be instantly sent to your account.


The basic question that can cross your mind is that how does it even works? Well, this technology is lucid and coherent! The facial recognition system will look at your profile pictures and other images that you are tagged in, using them to compare with other images available online. In the next step, it will analyze the pixels in the photos and create a cord of numbers, which are termed as ‘template’.


In response to this newest launch, the company quotes,” We want people to feel confident when they post pictures of themselves on Facebook.”


courtesy: YouTube

The only drawback that this feature holds- the users will only be notified of the untagged pictures only if they are a part of the audience! This generally means you will not receive any notification if the user has shared your picture in the private mode. You need to have some friends in common so that you can get notified. Likewise, the picture has to be shared with ‘everyone’ so that the software can analyze the pixels of the picture.


The only images where this rule does not imply are the profile images as it is already public. Henceforth, you will always be informed if there is anyone using your display picture.


Nipun Mehta, Facebook’s applied machine learning product manager remarks,” the feature is designed to give people more control, make them feel safer, and provide opportunities for nostalgia.”

The good news is this application will also lay a thwart to the imposters. The customized privacy control system allows you to switch off-on this feature at any point in time. Before moving forward, it should be notified that this feature won’t be available in EU and Canada. Yes, you heard that right Facebook has confirmed if you are staying in EU or Canada, Photo Review is not available to the users.

Photo Review can be considered as a protective guard against your online identity. Through this feature, the users will get maximum possibilities where they can easily take down the embarrassing pictures, report the accounts pretending to be you and observe the images & comments.

“Over time our goal is to make these features available everywhere . . . but right now we’re focusing on markets where tag suggestions are available”, as quoted by the Facebook’s Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob  Sherman.

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