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Getting Messages Across the Ad Blocks

Ad blockers can ruin your marketing strategy. However, there are ways to get past the blockers and make people get your message. Here are some ways to do it.

Getting Messages Across the Ad Blocks

Once upon a time marketing strategy and planning had it simple. They used to put up billboards here and there to spread their messages. In the past marketing scoops had been scattered across the world, like they are today. However, today the customers have the upper hand over the marketers. Today the consumers can block the marketing messages.

In the good old days, people could use the radios to promote their products. This platform too is struggling for life. If you take a look around, you will find that YouTube offers the viewers an option to skip the advertisement. Netflix is a commercial free zone where you would not be interrupted with ads. DVR lets you fast forward it without much trouble.

So, what do you do now? How do you get your message across in a scenario like this? How can defeat the villains like ad blocking and ad skipping options?

We have taken a closer look at this. No doubt marketing strategy and planning has been affected by this move. Some marketers use the adblock wall to restrict the users from going to the content until they turn the ad block off. However, this tactic does not yield result. Visitors simply leave such websites. Remember there are too many websites out there offering similar contents.

However, this does not mean you would have to refrain yourself from creating ads. After ad is one of the key ways to promote your website and your product. Critical, isn’t it? Well, you would need an effective ad campaign strategy to combat this problem.

So, to get started, you would need to know what not to do when creating your ads. A little exploration in the ad world will show you that people don’t like irrelevant ads. They also despise ads that affect the website loading time. Once you know what people don’t like, you will be able to create the ads that people will appreciate and would not make haste to skip.

The Good News

Despite what seems like a gloomy situation, there are marketers who are using successful marketing strategy and planning to get their messages across. You too can do it if you put your effort properly.

They do it by getting used to the changes that the market landscapes offer. You too can do it. Innovation is the word here. When old ways don’t yield result, you need to create your own way.

Influencer Marketing

While people usually think of the celebrities when they think of influencers, this is not always true. You would not have to hook up with a celebrity like Kim Kardashian to promote your product. You can do it by getting attached with a blogger with follower.

The secret here is to find the influencer who fits your brand’s theme. The message across must balance with the reputation of the influencer. If you look at the numbers, you will find that micro influencers with around 1000 followers get almost 8 percent likes and 0.5 percent comments on each post. The influencers with millions of followers get 1.5 percent likes and 0.4 percent comments.

This proves that when you attach a micro influencer with your brand, you get more engagement than the celebrity influencer. This is why, the modern day marketers are signing micro influencers with them for better promotion.

Influencer marketing is a cost effective way of promoting your product. By using this, you can have the influencer review and promote your brand. The trend of influencer marketing started in the year 2014. However, the trend has turned into a surge in 2018. Now, you cannot do without influencer if you really want to beat the ad blocking systems.

So here is a quick list to get started –

  • Select a platform

  • Divert your mind from the number of followers

  • Check out the influencers’ profile

  • Look at their blog engagement

  • Get attached with them

This more or less covers the entire scenario of influencer marketing policy.

Native Ads

The modern generation ads are created to attract attention. These come in different shapes, colors and movements. Some ads bounce their way in while some are created in bold colors to attract attention of the viewers. However, here the problem is, such ads come with neon signs for the ad blockers. So, rather than try to attract attention by bouncing on the screen, you can approach it in a subtle way. You can create native ads.

These are created to blend in with the environment. These don’t create interruption for the viewers. This is why ad blockers usually miss these ads. More than often, you will even find it hard to realize that these are ads.

The native ads come with landing page which look like articles or blog posts. These pages are easy to share with the world. This is why in this ad blocking era it is wise to include native ads in your marketing strategy and planning.

Components of Native Ads

There are some components of native ads which you need to know about. Photos of people work better than objects. Additionally, a legible logo will work wonder for your ad campaign. Short videos are effective in this kind of ad campaigns as well.

Social Ads

Social ads are famous and they are becoming more famous by the day. With time the experts predict that social ads will take over the market. People spend a lot of time on social media. This is the reason, it is wise that you place your product promotion messages to the social media platforms.

The best thing about these ads is the presentation. Such ads don’t look like ads at all. These are put on the social sites in the most organic way. This is the winning game in the advertising world.

In-App Advertisement

As a marketer you must have noticed these types of apps. The free apps come with these ads. There is no way of skipping these. Offering a reward for watching an ad is the trend of the market right now. Instead of annoying the users you can use the rewards to make them watch your ad promotion.

Lastly, the best ad blocker slayer is content marketing. Sharing free quality content is the best way to get your message across.

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