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Guest Blogging the Need and Tactic Decoded

Guest posting can be a great tool when you are trying to get more traffic. Here are some ways you can get started with it.

Guest Blogging the Need and Tactic Decoded

Guest blogging is an essential tool. It can get you exceptional exposure. However, you might be against writing for others’ blogs. Writing for your own blog might be your priority. However, the bad news is if you are not getting enough traffic daily, you should think of guest posting as a promotional tool for your brand.

You might still be undecided about it. You might still wonder why should you go for this. The simple answer is – without traffic your blog posts are like shouts in the empty field, useless.

There are countless benefits of guest blogging. You need to think about it as putting up your portfolio on others’ office premise. You will be able to get the traffic of the particular blog you have chosen for your guest posting. Writing for some else’s blog also gives you the chance to build relationship with the bloggers. You as a blogger also get to build a respectable reputation.

However, you might face a lot of challenge when you are getting started with the guest blogging. If you explore, you will see that the blogs don’t feature Write for Us tabs any longer. This is because, quality gets more priority than quantity.

There is another reason for restricting accepting guest blogging requests. The bloggers with influence get hundreds of requests every day for guest posting. This is why, they stop adding more bloggers to the already heaping list of guest bloggers.

However, there is no need to get disappointed. There are ways to get into guest posting even if you are just getting started. Even if you don’t have audience you can still get yourself into the guest posting using the tactics.

So, what is a magical gateway?

To be frank, if you are doing this for the first time and you pitch proposal for guest posting, you will never hear from the bloggers that’s for sure. You can use the paths everyone else uses. You can start following their social media profiles. You can leave comments on their blogs. You can also share their posts. These are the long term ways to build a relationship.

Here you can use the interview tactic. You can find several experts from your niche and ask them questions. This will create a great post for you to use. However, there are some aspects of interview posts which you need to know before getting started with it.

  1. You need to decide the questions

  2. You need to find the right people to interview

  3. You need to get their email ID’s

  4. You need to ask the question

  5. You need to make the article interesting

  6. You need to promote the article

Asking the question is the main step of writing such an article.

When you are trying to reach out to the experts, you need to remember some key pointers. There are several steps of this relationship building process.

  1. The initial contact

  2. The response from the experts

  3. The gratification emails from you

  4. The email notification which will tell them that you have published the post

  5. Their emails telling you that they have shared your post

This is more or less the way this kind of posts work.

Once the first set of interview posts is published you can wait for a while. Then you need to go forward with the second interview post set. Here you have the advantage of mentioning the first set of posts which you have already published. You can approach the people who you have approached for the first round as well. However, the theme of interview should be different in that case.

Planning the Post

See, everything depends on proper planning. You need to be patient when you are doing it. Once you have published enough interview postings. You need to make a strategic move towards getting your own post published on other’s blogs.

So, now, you can use the list you have built when you were interviewing the other bloggers. They already know who you are. The chances are you have also built some relationship with them. So, now if you send them guest posting request, they are most likely accept your request.

Topics that You Would Explore

A lot depends on the topic of the guest post.  So, what should you do while choosing the right topic? You should write what interests you, right? Well, nothing can be more wrong.

When you are posting in someone else’s blog, it is the blog’s theme which makes all the difference. It is not about your passion or your niche. This is why when choosing the bloggers for your interview posts, you need to remember your niche.

So, you need to explore the selected blogs before choosing the topic. If you go wrong here, your guest posting effort will not yield result. So, remove yourself from the writing agenda. When you set the readers on the front seat, you are much more likely to make successful blogging attempts.

Here you need to find out some important aspects. You need to find out the blog post topics which the blogger usually writes about. You need to find out the word count of each blog post. You also need to know the approaching style of the blog posts.

Common Guest Posting Approach

There is one common gust blogging approach which you can use without hesitation. You can follow the approach that is given below.  

Right hook

Exploring problem

Finding solution

The satisfactory conclusion  

Here you will have to paint a great picture of the problem which you are featuring. Here you will have the luxury of using emotional touches. Readers love these kinds of blog posts.

The Last Minute Scoops

Once your application is accepted, you need to write and deliver the blog post within the said time. Here you cannot fail. Missing deadline can be a great pitfall which you must not step into. Also, don’t forget to craft a catchy author bio. It should be within 50 words. You need to write it in third person. Focus on what you actually do when writing author bio.

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