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Health Or Your Cell Phone – What Will You Choose…?

Technology enhance our life taking a toll on our health. California Department of Public Health campaign the ill effects of cell phone.

Health Or Your Cell Phone – What Will You Choose…?

In this modern, vastly growing, technologically much advanced world who would have thought that one day we will have to pay the price of modernity and technology with our health. 21st Century where the “Virtual World” is becoming more prominent than the Real one, all thanks to Mobile phones and Internet, we are missing on something very important aspect of Life – “Health”.

Nowadays when mobiles have become an integral part of one’s life, helping and fulfilling almost all their needs, People getting indulged in their cell phones so much that somewhere they are neglecting its adverse effects on them. Now and then ranging from WHO to IARC, almost every International or National Organisation/Agencie or Researchers are talking and warning people about the health related risks of using cell phones. Recently, The California Department of Public Health came forward to make people aware of these health risks and recommended some easy-to-do guidelines telling them how they can avoid such risks.

Health Risks associated with mobile phones

As per the research, mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation which if absorbed by our body tissues can be dangerous for our body. The amount of radiofrequency exposed to our body depends on various factors like number of times we are using it for calls, duration of calls, span of cell phones usage, distance of phones from our body either we are using it or not as phones are said to emit radio waves continuously. Also the type of mobile phones, it’s manufacturing date(how old the phone is), its battery condition and the way of handling all adds on to the stated factors.

The California Department of public Health officially stated that although scientists are not sure about the harmful effects of continuous cell phone usage but with the recent popularity of mobile phones use among people, increasing the lifetime of exposure to radio frequency energy, some research suggests long-term usage may have a negative effect on human health.

We can easily understand the Health risks associated with exposure to radio-waves and their severity by narrowing them down to following listed areas:

  1. Cancer : Based on different studies and researches, radio frequency fields have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans especially to their brains. But till date there are no such indications or evidences that exposure to RF fields, increases the risk of cancer.

  2. Other Health Issues : Scientists also reported other adverse health effects of using mobile phones. These includes changes in brain activity and it's reaction time, affecting one's concentration, sleep patterns and behaviour, headaches, memory loss and lower sperm counts. More studies are underway to try to confirm these findings.

  3. Electromagnetic Interference : When mobile phones are used or kept very close to some medical devices like pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, and certain hearing aids, there is the possibility of causing interference with their operation affecting their efficiency of work. Thus mobile phone usage can be more health risky for patients or people using medical devices.

CDPH’s Guidelines to reduce exposure to RF fields

The California Department of Public Health warned against the exposure of families, especially children, to the radio frequency energy as children have tender, growing and developing nervous system thus increasing their chances of getting affected more. As per the Department, around 95% people of United States own cell phones and the average age for a child to get his first cell phone is just 10.

Hence as per California’s new guidelines, it’s advised people to put their phones on speaker while having calls or using headphones instead of putting your phones directly to your ears. Also it asked people to avoid keeping their phones in their pockets or close to their body as cell phones are said to emit radio frequency energy even when not in use. Instead told people to keep their phones in their bags or purse.

In addition to this, California also recommended people to avoid using their phones when there is a weak signal strength, when phone's battery gets low and while buffering any video as during such times phones are said to emit high level of radio frequency energy.

California just wants people to use their phones for shorter conversations and using their device hands-free as much as they can. The main motive is to make you distant with your phones for as long as it can be possible.

Final Choice is Yours

In this fast moving world where we want everything on our fingertips and easily accessible, it's next to impossible to get rid of our phones. Considering the increasing use of mobile phones in our day to day life and our dependence on them, it’s almost difficult to avoid their usage. But not much difficult to reduce our phone's usage from 24*7 to as less as we can being enough to fulfill our necessities.

Keeping one’s personal health in mind and believing the famous idiom of all time “Health is Wealth”, California Department of Public Health and this Article focuses only on making and keeping people healthy throughout their life and reducing every possible reason or risk which affects our health by creating awareness among people.

The final choice is yours and we will end with a hope that you will choose the best for yourself, for your Life.

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