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How Can You Use Medium for Blog Traffic – A Guide for the Bloggers

If you are struggling to get blog traffic, you can use to get traffic. Here are some pointers to get started.

How Can You Use Medium for Blog Traffic – A Guide for the Bloggers

Blog traffic and revenue go hand in hand. This is why every organization should have a plan to increase blog traffic. This blog post covers the tactics using which you can get more blog traffic.

Writing amazing blog posts is an essential part of digital marketing. However, just writing your masterpiece and hitting the publishing button is not going to help you.

After publishing the content, you are going to sit back and wait for people to come and explore your blog posts. To increase blog traffic, you need a medium. You need a platform where you can find existing traffic. This platform will serve your registered followers in a platter.

You get the point? Using an individual blog, you will not be able to attract the attention of the people that you are opting for. You need a space where you can build the foundation of your blog traffic.

Medium can be that platform where you can get the desired traffic.

Remember that even big brands with millions to spend on marketing struggle to get the attention of the dedicated traffic. If you want people to know about your writing, you need to place your writing before the eyes of the audience. Once they see that you have quality information to offer, they will come to visit your blog.

So, here comes the effectiveness of Medium.

Medium and Marketing

It was in the August 2012 when this platform had emerged out. This is the new age best friend of the bloggers. This can be used to get more traffic and higher followers.

If you can use Medium properly, you will not have to write countless contents in hope to increase the number of blog traffic. You would not have to pay hefty amount of money for traffic either. Only by using Medium, you can get large traffic and of course, you will be able to expand your brand as well.

So, where should you start from?

Yes, this is the question any aspiring blogger would ask. Not only the aspiring bloggers, but, the writers who are already into blogging and are struggling to get traffic, would want to do this too.

If you don’t know where to start from, you need to go back to your previous blog. Yes, you can scoop your best blog post from there and republish it on Medium.

There are SEO experts who deny the power of Medium. However, you must remember that Medium has more than 100 million monthly followers. If you can use some of these visitors as your blog traffic, you will be able to push yourself towards success.

However, before going for the Medium blindly, you need to invest some time. You must decide your target audience. If you are opting for young adult traffic, you must be in Medium. Even if you are targeting the young working class, you should write for Medium.

First Thing's First

Well, since Medium seems like a great platform to grow blog traffic, your finger must be itching to hit the keyboard. It is only natural, given the fact that you have been working so hard to get blog traffic for so long.

But, don’t rush into it. Hold on for a while and ponder over one important fact. You need to realize that Medium calls for commitment. You must vow to keep producing relevant and valuable content here, if you are really serious about your blogging career.

Creating a profile in Medium is easy. In fact, you can get it done in just a couple of minutes and then get going with the blog promotion. However, you must give yourself time to create a plan first.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Well, this is essential. You need to be willing to experiment when you are using a new platform. You need to know what works and what does not. Medium is not immune to this either.

You must bid adios to your fear and start testing your ground. You must know how to make Medium work for you.

There are bloggers who are afraid to get penalized for publishing duplicate contents. This is a natural fear. Also, the bloggers are afraid to build a follower base on someone else’s platform.

The fears are valid as bloggers do get penalized for publishing duplicate contents. Also, building followers on someone else’s platform can be risky affair. This is because, if some day Medium decides to wrap up, you will lose your base and your hard work will go nowhere.

So, let’s take care of the fears one by one, shall we?

Google does not penalize bloggers for publishing duplicating content on Medium. However, if you are still afraid, make some changes to the contents. Add some information or deduct some. The wisest way to do it is – take the theme and rewrite it.

About your second fear, well, it will be there until you turn the followers you have on Medium into your own blog followers.

Get Started

Once you have set up an account on Medium, you will be able to display your contents before the existing users of the platform. They can view your content, they can share or follow you. This is the best thing about this platform. You can get instant views without having to work for it.

Medium offers the luxury of being able to publish images as well. This is why this platform is growing with time. Aspiring bloggers are hitting this platform to brand expansion and brand building.

So, to get success in this platform, you need to start with great content. There is no short cut here. You would need to write high quality content to get the attention of the existing users.

When you are publishing on Medium, you should not forget some key elements. You need to craft great headlines. You need to create great stories. You must format the contents in a way that people get drawn to them easily.

Lastly, this is a daily commitment. So, make sure to block your time for Medium.

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