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How You Can Convert Your Blog Readers into Positive Leads

Converting readers into potential lead can be a difficult task. You need to learn the art of using call to action to pursue them to register.

How You Can Convert Your Blog Readers into Positive Leads

So, finally your blog is getting traffic? Very well. You should be patting on your back. Getting blog traffic is a great thing. People sit around after writing their blog and don’t get traffic. If you are getting it, you are doing things right.

See, everyone knows that a blog is essential for business. In this era, only a blog can give you the required promotional boost and you know it. So, we are not going to focus on the essentiality of blogs.

It is true blogs are popular and effect ways to build reputation. These are affordable as well. This is the good part. The bad or the difficult part is generating traffic. More difficult part of the blogging is – converting traffic into leads.

People usually focus on page views, tweets and comments so much that they forget all about the lead generation part. This is the reason, blogging fails to earn them the revenue they should earn from the projects. The experts have seen that readers come to the website, they read contents and they leave the page. They might consider the blogger an expert in the chosen field. But, they usually don’t make a purchase.

To take the blogging to the next level, you need to make some effort. You also need to plan it out carefully. How the experts are doing it? How they make blogging an essential part of their ROI making? These are the questions, you need to ask before opting to make any plan.

So, here is the first rule thumb – asking. Yes, you need to ask the readers to do something for you. If you don’t ask, they will not do it.

Call to Action

When lead generation is the main objective, you need to adhere to call to action. Take this as the first step towards lead generation. Make sure that you add call to action to let people know what you want them to do. Most of the bloggers wrap up the blog post with a request for comment. This is a wrong approach. Every blog post should end with call to action.

At the end of each post, you must make your readers to act. You either have to make them sign up for newsletter. Or, you can make them to download an ebook. Or, you can ask them to subscribe for more of what you are posting.

If you are putting call to action, make sure to take a closer look. See whether you are adding the call to action to the right place. It should be easy to detect. You can put it at the top of the blog post where the readers’ eyes are sure to fall.

At the end of the post is a good option too. However, here the problem is, people who don’t read the post till the end, might not see it. This is why, putting in the middle of the post will be a good option.

Another idea is to create a sticky sidebar and put the call to action there. The readers will be forced to notice it. However, here is a word of caution, you need to be choosy when you are using call to action. Don’t put them all to the page and crowd it up.

Hello Bar

The modern day marketers are not taking any risk when it comes to call to action. They are putting it at the hello bar. This simple action can be effective, using which you can make readers subscribe for more or buy from your website. With a hello bar you would not have to worry about people not going down to the end of the blog.  

Wordpress offers many plugins for free which you can use. However, sometimes people get better result from paid plugins.

In-text Call to Action

The recent studies are not very encouraging. These show that people don’t read an entire blog post. Most of the readers don’t read through a blog post. Either they don’t scroll down or they don’t read past the first few lines. In this situation, you need to plan how to use call to action.

Of course hello bar is a probable solution to this problem. However, there is one problem which can ruin your effort. This is nothing but banner blindness. When the bar sticks around people usually grow a blindness which would not let them take action according to the hello bar. They either miss the message the bar produces or they block it out.

So, you need to think of something else is you really want your call to action to make people act according to your desire. You can plan in text call to action to promote your blog post. This is phrase written in bigger fonts. Designers use different color for these as well. However, these are totally relevant to the blog post topic.

Location is Important  

Remember that apart from the top of the page, you can put the call to action everywhere. It is important to test the location before using the CTA. You can use static sidebar to put your CTA. This is the most common tool. This does not irritate the readers. Static side bar does not get in the way of the content. This is why, marketers prefer this over other locations. However, you need to be open to other options like popups and scrolling sidebar.

Welcome Note

This is an effective way of welcoming the visitors. This is becoming a common call to action. This is like popups. This appears before the clicked page appears. You can craft catchy message which welcomes the readers and ask them to register. However, people make a mistake then using this trick. They make exiting from the note difficult. Most of the readers who are unwilling to register keep searching for the close button. When this happens, usually readers leave the page.

When you are looking for more lead, it is important that learn the art of being persuasive. This will help you make more leads.

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