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In A Video, An Indian Actor Claims That Her Cousin and Husband Were Killed by Hamas

Families on either side of the border mourn the loss of their dear ones. Amidst a wave of attacks from both Hamas and Israel's comprehensive operation to gain "complete control" of Gaza, heartbreaking tales of brutality against the innocent are coming to light.

In A Video, An Indian Actor Claims That Her Cousin and Husband Were Killed by Hamas

Numerous stories of brutality are emerging amidst the ongoing Israel and Palestinian war. 

A tragic story about an Indian couple has come to light. 

An Indian TV actor Madhura Naik said that her cousin Odaya and her husband were killed in front of their children on October 7. 

Madhura Naik is a Jew of Indian origin. 

She wrote on Instagram, “Odaya, my sister and her husband were brutally murdered by a Hamas terrorist in front of their children, was found dead today (Sunday). Deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our beloved cousin in the terror attack. Her warmth, kindness, and love will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and all the victims. May they rest in peace.”

 “The grief and emotions my family face cannot be expressed in words. As of today, Israel is in pain and the streets are burning in flames in the wrath of Hamas”, Madhura said in a video. 

“Women, children, the old and the weak are being targeted," she added. 

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The actor said that she was shamed, for a post, by a certain group of people for her religious identity. She posted a picture of her sister and her family for the world to understand her pain however she was targeted by certain radicals. 

“I was shamed, humiliated and targeted for being Jewish. Today I want to voice my feelings and tell my followers, friends and people who I love and people who have supported me for all these years,” she said in the video.

The battle between the two nations has entered its fifth day. Thousands of people have lost their lives on both sides.