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Influencer Marketing – The Money Making Game that You Must Play

Making money as an influencer is not easy. However with right strategy, you can do it. Before, you start earning money, you need to build your influence. Here are some effective scoops for the aspiring influencers.

Influencer Marketing – The Money Making Game that You Must Play

Influencer marketing trend is changing with time. With the marketing trend, the market is changing as well. If you have not yet gotten attached to one of the influencers, this is the time you do, because influencer marketing is changing the world.

The marketers, well most of them, opt to associate with the influencers. They don’t understand how the transformation from blogger to influencer takes place. Building influence is more than posting selfies and whipping up some quick posts in Instagram. The influence building and holding on to the image is an art which takes a long time to acquire.

This is why attaching an influencer can skyrocket your profit and help you get the desired engagement.

So, how can you build the influence which can change the market tomorrow? While there are too many guidelines available online, the aspiring influencers still have no idea how to get there to become that influencer.

Here are some quick ways to turn your blogging into a journey of influence building.

Go Beyond Limit

The bloggers, who want to build influence or have acquired the power to change the world, don’t limit themselves within the boundary of single platform. Social media platforms can be the helping hand here. Limiting yourself to one platform will be a mistake.

So once you have decided on the platforms, you need to focus on the content. Doing only text based content will not do the work. You must go beyond it as well.

Here you need to create a calendar. You need to decide how to balance the multiple types of contents. We have come up with a suggestive calendar for the aspiring influencers.

Influencer Calendar Prompt

In the first week, of the month, you can write two blog posts. Associate this with two videos. Make sure to link the videos with the blog posts. Additionally, you will have to keep posting social media platforms to keep reaching out to people.

In the second week, you need to stick to the two blog posts schedule. This time you can create a podcast episode. This too should be linked with your blog posts. In this week, you need to create a video just to promote your blog.

In the third week, you must write two blog posts. This is the week for a live video. You need to expand the ground and need to know how people react to the live videos. So, create a live video, you can use Facebook live streaming for this purpose.

In the last week of the month, you can write an additional post to announce what you are going to offer the next month. Because you are writing three blog posts in this week, you can create one podcast and one video.

This is a suggestive calendar. You have the luxury of adding your own ideas. If you want, you can add additional videos or blog posts to the calendar. However, the marketing experts encourage people to go slow about it.

Going forward when you see that people are registering to your blog for newsletter, you can add one email per week to the calendar. Don’t overdo the email marketing process. This will only irritate people.

Now, let’s talk about money. How the influencers make their bucks?

If you think, your content is going to earn you big bucks, you are misleading yourself. There are too many influencers who have expressed their dissatisfaction, over the money they are making. However, content is the key element of creating influence.

So, if content cannot earn you the desired money, what will?

Since the past decade, advertisement has remained the key to earn money. Affiliated commission is another way influencers make money.

To earn big buck, you need to expand yourself. Limiting within the content publishing will not create the required influence. You can try to be a speaker in your niche. Another great way to expand your influence is by consulting. These two processes come with the prospect of earning a lot of money. Therefore, make sure that you are testing other grounds than just content creation and posting on social media.

Now, the question is how can you opt for speaking and consultation. The pro influencers use some success tools to acquire this type of influencing.

  • Customized products

  • Online courses

  • Ebooks

  • Private coaching

Investment for Influencing

Well, it is important to remember that only creating content will not help you. Even if you create tons of contents, you are going to get the desired attention or be able to create the desired influence. What you need to do is – invest money to be there.

Have you ever heard the saying like attracts like? Well, here you can use this tip. Attaching yourself with brands will surely, make you look like a brand. This is why, you need to try to be associated with the celebrities or macro influencers. If you want to expand your authority, you need to display that you have the power. For this, you will have to invest some money.

So, what are your chances of getting attached with companies as an influencer? Where you can hit them?

Blogging is the Stepping Stone

Most of the CEO’s are too busy to run their own blogs. Most of the start-up’s don’t use blogging as their key marketing tool. You need to approach the companies, the start-up’s especially, for the task of managing their blogs. For this you need to have something of value to show to the people. You must have some kind portfolio. This is why, enriching your own blog is important.

Social Media Manager

There are too many social media profiles and too little time. You have the luxury of approaching the start-up’s for the purpose of social media account management and influence building offer. Here you can make money by using your skill.

Before wrapping it up – let’s have a quick look at the takeaway.

  • Think strategically

  • Don’t shy away from calling

  • Make sure to be present where they can find you

  • Be willing to offer demo session for free.

If you can use these with proper confidence, you will be able to start earning money quickly as an influencer.

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