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Keep People Interested with these Simple Blogging Hacks

Here are some content creation hacks to keep your readers with you till the end of the blog post.

Keep People Interested with these Simple Blogging Hacks

Looking for blogging hacks? Well, we might help you find some.

Reader engagement is the main ingredient of content marketing success. When you put yourself into the content and create from your heart, you would want appreciation from the readers. However, more than often, the bloggers get disappointed at the indifference of the readers. This is discouraging. However, you need to understand one essential fact when you are writing a blog post. You need to understand people’s need. If you fail to deliver what they need, you will fail to generate interest.

To make readers read your content, you must entertain them. Yes, this is the main factor of blogging today. You need to add enough meat to the content that people devour the entire piece.

However, it is easy to say. But, to write a share-worthy blog post is difficult. Every day millions of people are publishing millions of blog posts. Standing out in the crowd needs patience and perseverance.

You must stick to the task of writing regularly, if not daily. It is essential that you keep a three blog post a week commitment when you are trying to make it as a blogger. However, the bottom line remains the same. How would you get the attention of the people through your writing? If you keep publishing boring contents, readers will not stay long to read them.

If your blog posts are not attracting people’s attention, there must be something wrong with the blog posts and the writing style. You need to first do a quick content audit to find the loose ends. Once you know where you are going wrong, you can start fixing the areas.

From paragraph to title, everything should be checked. You must take a look at the sentence formation for the purpose of improvement. One thing you need to remember is – no matter how long you have spent in writing, there will forever be ground for improvement.

Having said that, let’s get started with the content writing hacks.

Find Topics that Interest People

Most of the bloggers struggle with the task of engaging people. They struggle with the task of finding the right topic to write about. When you are trying to engage the audience, you need to focus on topic selection. You need to find what interest people.

You can experiment with different topics and see which one is getting more hits from the people. Trending topics are good, but what about the ones that have the timeless approach? There are some topics which attract people’s attention regardless of the time or place. To gain authority in your niche, it is essential that you write about the timeless topics as well.

Create a calendar. Write three timeless blog posts per week and one trending topic. However, the question is how would you find the topics? How long can you brainstorm? The good news is, you would not have to do it alone. There are many bloggers who are publishing contents on the same topics. Why not steal some ideas from them?

If you are running a text-based blog, you can steal the ideas from video contents. If you are going for video contents, steal ideas from printed books. The idea here is to import contents. You would not have to bang your head against the wall trying to come up with content ideas. No one does that.

Use Active Approach

Well, so many times people get preachy while writing. They get into the elaborated way of presenting things. This does not work. You need to start with a bang. Some bloggers begin their blog posts with questions. You can do it too.

Or, you can begin with a quote of some kind. This also creates readers’ interest. You can get creative here. The first line is the essential part of the content. Bloggers spend sleepless nights looking for the right first line. They keep writing and keep erasing. They know that they have three seconds to hold the attention of the readers. If they fail there, they will not be able to get the readers back. So, spend time on the first line.

Try to shock people or make them laugh. A sarcastic jab can do the job as well. However, the sarcasm needs to be well crafted.

Share Your Experience

Let us tell you something you already know – people love stories. Nothing attracts them more than a storytelling approach. If you don’t have a story to tell, turn your life into a story. Share your experience. Share your struggle. You can give them the backstory of your brand creation. You can tell them the struggle you had to put up to cross the roads to success. People will connect to your story and keep reading.

There is another way to attract the readers. You can do it by using humor. However, here you need to be careful. You must use humor, you don’t have to write comedy soaps. You can present your experience in a funny way. This will make people read your content. There are bloggers who do this successfully. Yet, the word of warning is humor can get out of hands sometimes. Be careful about the words you are using. Don’t hurt anyone’s feeling with your words.

Create Controversy

This does not mean you will try to cook up a riot. Just try to break some traditional concept that people have come to believe.  You can ask for people’s advice through your content. You can throw a question and cook up a conversation by fanning opposing views.

If you are blogging about soccer, you can create a passionate discussion about whether the defenders are more important or the attacking line players. The idea is to have fun as you create engagement.

Show Your Passion

In the end, no matter how many hacks you follow, without passion, you will not be able to put the required effort. If you are a painter, you would not be successful in running a writer’s blog. You need to stick to your passion. Remember that inspiration shows. You need to be inspired when you are writing your post or creating your video. Without passion, inspiration does not come.

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