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Korn Ferry Moves to One Unified Brand

NYSE-listed Korn Ferry has now made up its mind to move to one brand – Korn Ferry – signaling the next step in the firm’s transformation.

Korn Ferry Moves to One Unified Brand

To achieve an even more unified approach to the marketplace, Korn Ferry will be sunsetting its legacy brands. The move brings together the collective power of Korn Ferry, the enterprise – rather than individual lines of business, or distinct parts. This new strategy highlights the firm’s commitment and expertise to offer robust, integrated solutions that reflect the entirety of clients’ talent and organizational needs.  

Navnit Singh, Chairman & Country Head, Korn Ferry India, said that this move is all about its clients. It is further unifying its firm – from its talent and solutions to its data and insights – and bringing this expertise together to help its clients and their people exceed their potential. It is never more powerful than when it comes together as one firm, he said.

Korn Ferry is a global consulting firm, which helps clients synchronize strategy and talent to drive superior performance. It works with organizations to design their structures, roles, and responsibilities. It helps them hire the right people to bring their strategy to life. And it advises them on how to reward, develop, and motivate their people.

Nearly 7,500 colleagues of Korn Ferry serve clients in more than 50 countries, offering five core solutions: Organizational Strategy,  Assessment and Succession, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Rewards and Benefits.

As part of the one brand alignment, the firm will face the market as Korn Ferry, with more solutions and industries-orientation, through the following core offerings.

Singh said that Korn Ferry offers a unique value proposition. Today, the challenge for any leader is harmonizing strategy with talent. And, that is what it is building – a firm that has the unique expertise to synchronize its clients’ strategies and talent to help them drive superior performance.

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