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Miss World America Title Holder Shree Saini Is in India And Shares Her Aspirations

In an exclusive interview, Shree Saini, the trailblazing individual who secured the Miss World America title as the first-ever Indian-American winner, openly discusses her remarkable journey up to this point.

Miss World America Title Holder Shree Saini Is in India And Shares Her Aspirations

Shree Saini who is from America won the first runner up in the Miss World contest in October 2021. She originally hails from Ludhiana and moved to America at the tender age of five. 

She created history by becoming the first Indian American to win the Miss World America. The pageant winner is here in India for the upcoming 71st edition of the Miss World contest and she’s enjoying every moment here. 

“I'm so excited that 130 nations are coming to India (for the Miss World pageant),” she said. 

She expressed her desire to work  in movies as she believes films have transformative power. She would love to work with Amitabh Bachchan in particular. 

“He is the embodiment of being such a good human being. He is so humble and he never forgets his values, even when he is such a big movie star. He always treats everyone like an equal, like a friend or a family member. The warmth in his heart really inspires me,” Shree expressed. 

Speaking about her big win at the Miss World America pageant she says, “It's not just a win for Indians or a win for America, it's also a win for this world being truly diverse and inclusive. And, it just shows that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams. Don't ever feel that just because there wasn't someone like me before, there will never be someone like me. I always strive to work harder each day, learn new skills each day, work on craft, and I'm so happy I get to represent two of the most powerful countries.”

She appreciates Indians working very hard. 

“Just by my bedside, I have a small auto rickshaw because I always remind myself that there are people in India who are working 12 to 15 hours a day, not in a temperature-controlled environment. And they work so hard to provide food at the table for their family. I think the three values of hard work, gratitude and being a giver have really embodied my Indian identity,” she shared.

This may come as a surprise to many that Shree Saini was diagnosed with a rare heart condition when she was younger. A pacemaker was placed when she was just twelve. She recently underwent a heart surgery for a new pacemaker implant in 2022. 

Despite her health conditions, it’s commendable of Saini to achieve so much in life. She didn’t allow her health to become a setback to her career. She believes in making healthy choices and taking care of her body. Beyond doubt, she’s an inspiration to many girls like her. 

“I believe in making healthy decisions every day. Even today in Delhi, I woke up and I had three bottles of water. I prioritise having protein and try to do a quick workout whenever I get time. My dad always says that the pain of success is due every day. So you have to focus on making the right decisions every day and be consistent and try to find joy, like it's a privilege that you get to work out. It's a privilege. You get to take care of your body. So, whenever you are working out, don't see it as a daunting task. But see it as a celebration for your body”, she says.