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New Filters from Snapchat Can Transform Your Surrounding

Just snap and transform your world, Snapchat brings you a whole new range of filters. Know what they are offering.

New Filters from Snapchat Can Transform Your Surrounding

Behold dear Snappers! Snapchat has something absolutely fresh and cool for you! new filters today that go beyond your face.

In addition to classic filters that have been there since the beginning of the app, Snapchat’s included geofilters (based on your location), context-based filters (like time or temperature), and AR, or augmented reality, filters (also called lenses) that take the world around you and digitally enhance them, placing animated lifeforms and fun designs within your display.

Now, any time the app detects a sky in your picture, "Sky Filters" will show up in the filter carousel. Like, for ex&le, you want to make the sky above surreal, you can actually do it with the newly launched filters, like starry night, a sunset, one with a brewing storm or a sky with rainbows. The filter options will rotate daily.

Filters not only provide Snapchat users with an easy way to decorate snaps sent to their friends and to their Stories, but they also generate revenue for the company. These contextual filters could serve as ads in the future. Snap filed a patent for an advertising system that used object recognition to serve relevant filters back in 2015. That patent was published by the U.S. patent office last July.


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