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Rarely Acknowledged Design Disasters which Ruin Optimization Effort

Website designing plays an important role when it comes to optimization plan. There are some errors, however, which totally ruin the SEO effort. You need to be careful about them.

Rarely Acknowledged Design Disasters which Ruin Optimization Effort

Life is gaining speed with time. Everyone is racing to something. Keeping pace with the love for speed, web designing and development companies are focusing more on fast loading websites. Another trend which is ruling the market is – the mobile compatibility. The marriage of website and mobile devices, has created a brand new approach. Now, people pay more attention to the designing. They don’t value development like they did in the past. However, in their haste to create faster website and better mobile compatibility, frequently, companies end up making a lot of designing mistakes.

It is essential to remember that the designers who are adorning the websites lack SEO knowledge. This is why, they don’t even know what kind of mistakes they are making when they are designing the websites. Design details vary from optimization details. What looks great on the screen might not help in getting SEO boost. This you need to remember before getting in touch with a design expert.

You also need to know about the errors that are blocking the optimization efforts.

Font Size and Type

True the font type and size come in abundance and sometimes it is difficult to control the temptation of using them in your design. However, before you use any font, you need to think whether the font is easy to read or not. The SEO professionals frown upon such designs. They will urge you to visit such a website from your mobile and will challenge you to read the texts. When you do, you will understand why font plays such a great role in designing and SEO. If the visitors find it difficult to read your website, they will not stay on the webpage. Since there are hundreds of similar type websites, it will not be difficult to find another one quickly. This way you will lose valuable traffic and all your optimization effort will be wasted.

So, when you are going for the designing, remember that everyone will not visit the webpage from laptop or desktop.

Blinding Background

Well, have you ever come across a website which is loaded with valuable information, but you cannot look at it long enough due to the background color? There are websites which come with smart black or blue backgrounds. To add to the horror, the font is always white. If you look at such a page long enough you will understand why SEO experts get horror stricken at such websites. You will understand the visual shock which the readers get upon across such a website. This is a guaranteed way to chase people away from the webpage. Come on, think about it – there are hundreds of websites with similar information, but the readers only have two eyes to see. When it comes down to these two which one will they choose to stay with? You get the point? Cool.

Maddening Pop Up’s

Pop ups are funny are not they? Well, try chasing after them with your cursor when you are busy. The pop ads do nothing but annoy people. Once these ads pop up readers close them quickly. Don’t even think about designing your website with cute crawling pop up ads. The people who are running to shoot a mail within a couple of minutes will not get the humor. They will leave your website. You will lose traffic. Your SEO efforts will go down to nothing. What more? People might not come back for more of your website or service. Don’t expose yourself to this risk by irritating visitors.

Music in the Background

It is not bad because music has its own charm. But, you need to consider that everyone will not be visiting your website from the comfort of their homes. Some might visit from office or library. Imagine music starts playing in a rigid, silent corporate floor. It will totally ruin the chance of keeping traffic. Another important fact to remember is – you have no way of determining the preference of your traffic. What they like or don’t like depends on their own background. Therefore, don’t risk losing people just because they like the music which is being played in the background. This will be sad.

Media Size Matters

As you already know slow webpage chases people away. It is the era of fast and the furious and you need to keep your website fast to make people happy. A survey has found that – you have only three seconds for your website to get loaded. Anymore time and your website will be considered slow by the visitors and also by Google. Yes, slow websites lose Google ranking.

Most of the times, the key reason for a website to slow down is the improper media use. The images or the videos that you are uploading need to be supportive to the required loading time. The designers need to crop the images to the right size so the loading time does not get affected. The format needs to be ideal or else you will not be able to keep pace with the need for Google’s speed.

Large Header Image

This is another designer error which you need to avoid at any cost. No, there is nothing wrong with header image. Yes, you need to keep the size right. A large image will automatically slow down your website. People who are logging in from their mobile phones will face a lot of loading problem due to large image size. Therefore, you need to check this before getting your site live.

Color Confusion

There is nothing wrong in using colors. However, too much of it is sure to ruin the design appeal. In fact, when you use too many shades, you divert people’s attention from the product or concept that you are trying to sale. This is why sites like Amazon or Ebay stick to simple color combination.

These are the common errors which you will frequently come across. These are seemingly small errors. However, these play havoc when it comes to chasing away valuable traffic. You need to monitor the errors if you really want to have higher Google ranking.


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