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Reasons to be a Mentor – What You Need to Know

Learn the reasons for which you must try to be a mentor. Also, this article gives you a quick view of how to be a mentor.

Reasons to be a Mentor – What You Need to Know

Being a mentor can be helpful in countless ways. However, there are many reasons which people give for not taking the responsibility. Inadequate skillset is the key excuse which people give for not taking up mentorship. However, if you stop considering, you will find that there are countless reasons to be a mentor.


Being a Leader


Leadership is a skill that you need to develop carefully. As you work on developing your mentorship skill, you also polish your leadership skill. You will be able to demonstrate your ability to deal with people. You will also be able to polish up your patience level. If you are wondering how to be a better leader, you need to become a mentor first.  


Developing Knowledge


To be a mentor you need to have enough knowledge about a topic. You need to have enough knowledge about the topic of your interest to offer guidance to others. To be able to do this, you need to gather knowledge. This is why – if you are focusing on being a mentor, you will have to learn new things every day. In fact, learning is going to be a full-time job. This is why – trying to be a mentor helps knowledge development.


Shaping Tomorrow’s Talents


Leaving legacy is a challenge. Most of the people pass away without leaving behind anything significant to remember. While acquiring Alexander the Great’s legacy might be a difficult task, you can surely do your share by shaping up talents. This will help you leave your legacy behind. It feels amazing when young people look up to you and say – I learned it from you. Experience the feeling by being a mentor.


Fresh Ideas


The best thing about being a mentor is – this is a great way to step out of the comfort zone. You need to meet new people. You need to make new friends. This socializing helps in increasing the skill to deal with other people. Additionally, you need to keep experimenting with new ideas as well. Yes, you will get some guidance from books and online resources. But, you need to offer your own view and ideas. Mentoring gives you amazing opportunities to grow as a human being.


Now, the question is – how to be a mentor? How can you shape yourself up to offer guidance to people?


Finding the niche is the first step towards the mentoring journey. You need to know what kind of a mentor you want to be. There are different types of mentorships. You can choose what interests you. In fact, you need to choose what you are passionate about. In this industry, you can only sell passion.

Knowing your mentee is essential. Mentoring should be private. Yes, you need to organize your workshop. But, the mentoring should be private. Each person is different and therefore, the mentoring should be different as well. Besides you need to know the person you are going assist. Make it a point to ask questions and allow the person to talk.

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