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Reasons You Should Use Infographics for Content Promotion

Use of infographic is increasing as the web world is waking up to the power of graphics. You need to know the errors which can ruin your infographic effort before using it.

Reasons You Should Use Infographics for Content Promotion

Visual designs are gaining momentum with time. Infographics is not different either. This is not something marketers put in their websites to make the pages look pretty. Yes, beautification is the last thing which infographics do. The effect of infographics is immense in driving traffic to websites. It has been seen that brain processes information through infographics a lot faster than lengthy text based contents.

So, before we get into the discussion of why to use infographics, let’s first decode the definition of the visual content.

To put it simply, infographics are the medium to communicate with the audience. Using infographics, you can offer information, data and analysis. When done perfectly it can easily offer a mixture complicated data and visual graphics.

The Infographics Growth

The power of Infographics flourished in the past year. The marketers got surprised at the power of this visual content. They have posted it and then the surge of engagement from the viewers’ made the marketers accept infographic as one of the important marketing tools.

Reasons to Include Infographics

Infographics can be compelling, but, you still can ask why should you use it. Well, here are some reasons to go for infographics.

It is Compelling and Attractive

People love information. They also love data. Figures work great when you are trying to attract people to your website. But, the thing is you need to add some compelling images to make the infographics attractive.

Easy Data

Web visitors love easy data that they can scan. Besides, if you dig into psychological scoops, you will see that brain thinks in images. Texts don’t work the wonder here. This is why, infographics work better than everyday, average ordinary text based contents.

Capability to Go Viral

Because, readers can scan the data from infographics and they can easily view this visual content, it holds better capacity to go viral. You can use these on your social platform and the content will grow on its own.

Global Appeal

When creating a text based content, you have limitation. You have language limitation, you have approach limitation. What suits for the US based readers might not suit for the UK based reader. Here the marketers face problem in reaching. When you are creating infographics, you are not bound by the rules. Infographics come with global appeal. Due to the data based approach of Infographic, it can be used for all the countries.

Brand Exposure

Through Infographics, you will be able to build brand exposure. Due to the global approach, Infographics can reach out to a large number of readers. Using this you can expand your viewership.

Traffic Growth

Study has shown that compelling Infographic can lead to more share. This eventually leads to increased number of traffic for your website.

Helps You Gain Power

Because Infographic is a powerful marketing tool, using it continuously will make you look powerful as well. This is the reason, the modern day marketers encourage people to use this tool for better marketing.

Some Mistakes to Avoid

Well, there are some mistakes which you need to be aware of when you are using this wonder tool. You need to keep in mind that the objective Infographic is to draw more traffic to the website through offering information.

Incorrect Data

This is a great pitfall to pay attention to. You need to know that data is the foundation of effective infographic. This is why, you need to use correct data to make people come to your website. If this foundation is weak, you will not be able to make it work for your promotion.

You must polish the data building skill if at all you are considering infographic as a marketing tool for your brand. You must design the visualization before publishing it. You must review the data to make sure that nothing is misleading about the infographic that you are building.

Long Infographic

There are infographics which would go on forever. You will keep scrolling down, but, you will not be able to get to the bottom of it. Such visual contents are ineffective as readers don’t have the patience to read till the end. They would ditch the content in the middle. It has happened more than often. This is why don’t go for the endless infographics. Plan it out properly and create something which is easy to process.

Dense and Confusing

Remember that when you are trying to highlight everything, you are actually highlighting nothing. To solve this problem, you need to focus on the thought evoking data only. Don’t try to put everything in the infographic. The objective should be to make your audience remember you. The conversion factor will come in the later period.

Lack of Visual Language

This is considered to be the most common mistake. The infographic needs to have proper consistency. There are brands which create and share infographics that lack the consistency. Your audience must not think that different brands are creating these infographics.

Lack of Hierarchy

This makes readers confused. They usually fail to understand which place to start from. Because infographics don’t have introduction and conclusion written clearly on the content, you need to make sure that the readers know where to start reading from.

To solve the problem, you can start from a focal point. This will help readers find their ways around the infographic.

Crazy Colors

Infographic comes with creative freedom of using colors as you prefer. However, this does not mean, you would use all the colors together. Don’t make it challenging for the readers to process information. Using minimalist color combination can look great when you are putting it properly. Bold and eye catching color can work great when planned properly.

Lack of Theme Based Thinking

Theme can be great design tool when used wisely. The topic and the theme should balance each other. If you go wrong here, you will not be able to attract the desired attention of the clients.

Lastly, in confusion, you can explore the blogs and websites that are using this tool on regular basis. You will get some idea about infographic designs.

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