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SEO Trends that will Conquer 2018

2018 looks to be a great and fun year for SEO. What are the hottest trends that can be beneficial for your business? Learn more!

SEO Trends that will Conquer 2018

With multiple changes in Google algorithm, 2018 looks to be a great and fun year for SEO. If you have spent enough time in the digital marketing world you already know that SEO is like science. It does not have any limit. After covering a thousand miles, you will see that there are many thousands more to cover. It is due to this reason, you need to decide – exactly how much you need to know for a particular project. The ever changing approach of SEO makes it impossible for one person to know everything about it.

It is the nature of search engine to try to improve search result. This is one of the reasons, why some trends cease to non existence and some become key element of optimization strategy.

If you want to be in the game, you must be aware of the trends that SEO experts are hoping to dominate 2018.

What Does not Work Anymore

Before getting into the hot SEO trend discussion, let’s have a look at what does not work or what seems to be out of the market already.

Once, SEO experts had adhered to the heavy anchor text and internal links. However, with time this practice has taken a back seat because Google has started to spam this strategy. The punishment has made people refrain from using heavy anchor text any longer. If you are still at it, you are living in the past. Come back to the present and prepare for the future before it’s too late.

Separate pages for separate keyword variants have been one of the most effective strategies in the past. It did work and even today some of the SEO professionals are still using it.  However, Google has changed that too. Now, the trend is to have topic based pages rather than keyword based ones. So, here you have another effective trend which has gone out the window.

Paid links and directories had once been the tools which SEO professionals used to optimize pages. Now, these are considered dangerous territories. Those who have been using the tactic either have faced penalty or are about get slapped with some punishment soon. Don’t even think of using these stuff anymore.

Keyword for domain names or at least portion of keyword for domain name is another practice which does not work any longer. This not only seems lazy, people don’t remember such websites. Therefore, if you are using such a domain name, you would consider getting another one soon.

What Suppose to Dominate 2018

Well, now that it is clear that some of the hot SEO trends would not make it to 2018. The question arises is – what will make 2018 a successful SEO year? What trends to follow is what everyone asking. The SEO experts are also hard at work trying to find the answer to the questions. Here are some trends that experts have foreseen winning the coming year.

SERP Feature

In the past few months, the experts have noticed the increasing interest in SERP features. The features including knowledge panels and local packs are getting people’s attention. With the evolving SERP features, you have the task to track the ranking and monitor each feature that pops in place of the keywords. A suitable rank tracking devise will surely help you perform the tasks with expertise.

Data Structure

The structured data offers a way to format your HTML structure by using some particular vocabulary. This will help the search engine to interpret the contents featured on the website. If you do a little research, you will find that Google has not promised any SEO boost for structured data. It is unlikely that you will get any benefit for doing it. Then why should you bother? Well, structured data helps you get better listing in Google ranking. This gives you the chance to stand out of the crowd. For this reason, you need to at least make an effort to go for structured data.

Speed and More Speed

Even though it is a common knowledge that speed attracts traffic, there are websites that still takes an eternity to get loaded. These websites lose one very valuable thing – traffic. This is a timeless trend which you need to follow, if you really want to get better Google ranking. However, if you are new to this, you might ask – how fast exactly. Well, the Google standard speed is 3 seconds. This is all you have. Over it – you will lose traffic and Google certainly will not love you for being slow. This is not only an era of 10 second cars. This is an era of fast loading web pages as well. Before 2018 appears, you need to check your website. You need to make a note of the time your website is taking to load. If you fail here, nothing else will work properly.

Relevant Content

With each algorithm it is getting more and more difficult to survive on poor quality content. Google uses many tricks to check the content quality. If you are trying to make the search engine believe that you have great quality content when all you have some poorly stitched together words, you are heading for low ranking.

Google assesses the web pages and decides what kind of content evokes interest and builds expectations of the visitors. These are considered comprehensible contents. You need to explore the high ranking pages to find out what’s trending out there.

Going Mobile

With increasing love for smartphones, people now adhere to voice search which mostly come from mobile phones. In this situation, to get high ranking and to be in the SEO game, you need to create mobile SEO strategy which is sure to help you get higher Google ranking. Run Google’s mobile test for better understanding.

To conclude, it is best to say that given the changing nature of Google, you have no way of knowing how the web ranking will work in the future. Being ready for anything will be the smartest decision. However, for this you need to do thorough research with the help of experts.


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