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Social Videos – How Can You Create Them for More Engagement

Social videos are on hype. You need to use video promotion to attract people’s attention. Here are some tips to get started with video promotion.

Social Videos – How Can You Create Them for More Engagement

Social videos are in. If you explore social media, you will find that most of the pages are flooding with videos of different kinds. These are the hot news without which your social media profile will be incomplete. However, you cannot just create a video, share it and hope to get traffic. You need to put your wits together and create the video in a way that people get interested in what you have to say. Otherwise, it will be just another video.

The best thing about videos is – you can use it everywhere. It can be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can share the videos on Linkedin as well. So, here are some pointers which will help you get started with the videos.

The tips have been gathered from different experts to help you get promotional boost for the videos you share.

Native Videos

If you explore social media enough, you will see that native videos are everywhere. Facebook is loaded with these videos. You can create native videos to get newsfeed from the social media giant. YouTube is the platform for videos, however, you can use it in any platform. Even if you have a blog or website, you can successfully post videos for better feed and better traffic.

Here are some scoops which will help you create the right native video.

The secret of video success depends on the selection of platform. You need to select the right social media platform if you want your video to go viral. Select the social media platform where you will find your potential customers. Also, you need to be comfortable with the platform. If you find Facebook comfortable, then be it. Don’t start over with a platform which you are not familiar with.

The video promotion begins with announcement videos. You need to create a short video announcing the video campaign before it begins. You can use Twitter as your announcing platform. Or, you can use Instagram for this purpose. Whatever it is – do it right.

You can whip up a podcast announcing the next blog post which you are about to launch. Sharing this on Facebook will help you spread the word.

Make sure to start slow. As you keep sharing small videos, you will get confident with the outcome. You will get to understand how to handle the video promotion and how to create better videos.

Want to Catch Attention – Go Square

Square videos are created to get newsfeed. In fact, it has been seen that this type of videos get more attention. Square videos work great when you are sharing the videos on Facebook or Instagram. These types of videos are easy to create as well. People are more likely to watch a full square video than any other type.

Quick tips to make your square videos instant hit

Don’t forget to share your video on more than one platform. However, it is important that you find platforms that are compatible with square videos. Another quick tip is to share the video on YouTube. Yes, regardless of your preferred platform, you need to share your video on YouTube. It is still the video king and you need to accept the fact.

Be yourself when you are sharing a video. It is you people will come back to. There might be other similar products online. But, there is only one you. This is the reason, to make people take notice, you must sell yourself on the video.

Caption Selection

When people create videos, they forget that captions are integral parts of videos. They forget to create captions which add additional essence to the videos.  If you are sharing your video on Instagram, you need to think about lengthy description. It works well for this platform. In fact, you need to pay special attention to the description which you are sharing with the video. It gets more attention and better feed.

If you are sharing the video on Facebook, you need to think of shorter description. It works for this platform. However, regardless of the platform where you are sharing your video, you need to adhere to the right kind of caption.

Create crunchy captions which will attract quick attention and make people watch your video. This is like product description. You need to do it right drive people to click on the video link.

Add Humor  

Yes, you are telling a story. Yes, you are promoting your product. Yes, you are selling serious products. However, that does not mean you cannot use a little humor here. In fact, it is advised that you use humor when you are creating your videos. The humor will make people laugh along. If you can do it right, people will remember your videos. They will also remember what you are selling. In the future, it will make them come back for your other videos.

You will have to do some research about this. It is important that you create the kind of videos you will want to watch. GIF’s are also effective tools which can be used for this purpose. In fact, GIF’s have already made a position in the promotion strategy of the marketers. You can use humor here and attract the attention of the people. However, you need to do it sparingly. Don’t overdo the GIF’s as it might backfire.

Be Careful about Going Live

Going live might have its appeal. But, if you are not covering a breaking news, don’t do this. People usually don’t like this. Due to some psychological reason, which experts are yet to decipher, people react to recorded videos more than the videos that claim going live.

However, there are numbers of web visitors who love the going live factor. Yet, you need to use the Going Live tag carefully.

Lastly, you can use these tips to create your social videos. The secret is to use your creativity. As you keep doing it, you will find that you know what will tick your visitors and what will not. So, don’t want to create your first video.


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