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Top 10 Fashion Trends That Ruled over 2017

Before bidding goodbye to 2017 let’s take a look at the top 10 fashion trends of the year that literally ruled the ramps, stages, as well as the streets.

Top 10 Fashion Trends That Ruled over 2017

Before bidding goodbye to 2017 let’s take a look at the top 10 fashion trends of the year that literally ruled the ramps, stages, as well as the streets.


Every year is unique in its fashion trends. In fact, you can define every generation through fashion! Long story short - fashion is important.


Here’s a look back on the 10 fashion trends which were huge hits through the 12 month period.


  1. Cold Shoulder Tops


Though cold shoulder earned hype in the 2016 itself, in 2017 the fashion received more variation and expanded its range. In Indian countries the cold shoulder fashion made its way through the traditional garments as well. In fact, this has become a worldwide street fashion. Prediction is, cold shoulder will be dominating 2018 too. How cool!


Image Courtesy: LivvyLand

2. Puffer Jackets


Right from a number of western countries to almost everywhere in world - puffer jackets got highly popular this year. Especially, during the winter, the puffer jackets became the most ‘in’ thing with everyone. From college gals to mountain trekkers, puffer jackets are surely on the top fashion choices. A little tip! Want to make a fashion statement this season? Go for designer puffer jackets.


Image Courtesy:

3. Oversized Tops


The oversized tees, shirts went viral in 2017. Well, you might not like it personally, but undoubtedly, this deserves a place in the top 10 fashion trends of 2017. Designer prints, solid color t shirts, or simple stripes on sleeves - the oversized style literally ruled over young fashion.



Image Courtesy: FAME CHeRRy

4. Side Stripe Pants


Woo! Do I see a nice smile on your face? And why not? It is the side stripe pants we are talking about. When one is considering top 10 fashion biggies of the year 2017, you can no way miss the side stripe pants. In fact, these pants became a fashion rave. With cosy elastic hold around the ankle these pants were being flaunted on tracks, at gyms, casual walks, home wear and many more.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Bell Sleeves


Enough of the half sleeves, full sleeves or sleeveless era. It time to go ‘Bell Sleeves’. This trend was widely popular during the late 70s. It has made a comeback in 2017 and secured a place amongst the top 10 fashion list of the year. This time the bell sleeves were merged with cold shoulder, noodle strap or normal three quarter sleeves. It’s even bigger and fluffier this time which women are in love with, madly!


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: BelleTag

6. Block Heels


Few things never go out of fashion and heels are surely one of them. But what makes it rise the top 10 fashion chart this 2017? Well, it is the block heels. Block heels have been in trends several times before, and this time it has made its entry largely in neutral shades. Got a pair for yourself yet?


Image Courtesy: Forever Fever


7. Long Florals


After crop top, it is the long floral maxi-s which definitely ensures a place in the top 10 fashion trends of 2017. A single dress of toe length, with or without slits are the glamor statements of the year. Around the globe long dresses with floral prints all over got quite popular this year, worn with or without matching stockings.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

8. Cut Out Dresses


Cuts are cool! At least, the 2017 fashion map tells us so. Not only cold shoulder tops, but the cut out trend were loved on a single piece of dress, preferably around the tummy, waist and lower abdomen. Skin show through this peek-a-boo trend went quite popular amongst the celebrities. But will 2018 survive with the cut out dress fashion? We are not really sure!

Halle Berry in cut out dress - Image Courtesy: Fashion Bomb Daily

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

9. Bra Tops


It’s not much wrong if we say, fashion is the perfect blend of ‘hide’ and ‘seek’, i.e. how what to show and what not to. 2017 was quite bold in terms of fashion. Bra tops made it to the top 10 of the trend list. But of course, it didn’t become popular on streets, rather, remained restricted to red carpet walks, celeb trends and on screen.

Kim Kardashian in bra top - Image courtesy: dope and broke – Dope & Broke


10. Ruffles


Ruffles in gowns and dresses have always been a woman’s favourite. After being absent for quite a few years, it’s back again! Be it shirts, tops, dresses, gowns or skirts - they have been a smashing hit in formals and casuals.


Image Courtesy: Just a Tina Bit

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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