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Top 6 Unknown Facts about Blog Post Headlines

Learn how you can create the right blog post titles to attract attention get social shares.

Top 6 Unknown Facts about Blog Post Headlines

Web readers don’t really read blog posts. This might scare the bloggers, but, this is the truth. The web readers don’t have time to read your blog posts. They read the headlines of the blog post and then decide whether your post is worth reading or not.

Readers have the habit of judging a book by its cover. But, now the trend is to judge a book by its title. Well, in a way we are guilty of judging a book the title it puts on the cover. So, before you brainstorm blog post ideas, it is essential that you brainstorm the title of the blog post.

So, with the perfect headline, you can expand the chance of increasing social share. You would need the right formula to create the blog post title though.

However, before you plunge into the depth in search of how to write perfect blog post headline, you need to know why headlines are so important.

Why Should You Care about Headlines

The right headline can force the audience to remember your article. The headline has the power to leave a long lasting impression. Through a study, the experts found out that only 20 percent of the web visitors actually read an entire blog post.

Most of them only read the headline.

So, why people have got this habit? What makes them read the headlines only? The answer is – the headline of your blog post determines the value of the content. If the readers feel that what you have written has some value, they will read your blog post. They come to this decision after judging the headline.

Therefore, you need catchy blog post titles to get readers’ attention. Here is a list of ideas that can help you create better headline for your blog post next time.

1. Predict the Future

It is human nature to know about the future. If you can offer the impression that you are about to show the readers the future, they will surely click on your blog post link. Even if they don’t read the post till the end, they are sure to share it on the social platform.

So, either show the future or the prospect of a better future through the headline of the blog post. This is sure to get the attention of the people.

To create such a headline, you need to use phrases like

Will make you

This is the reason

Can you guess

Therefore, opt for a headline that promises the growth.

2. Tell them what they will Get

People want to know about the benefits before they even try to know about the features. They want to know what they will get out of a product or a service before they even try to find out about the features. This is why headlines that begin with the word 'benefits' get the attention of the readers.

You can create a headline like – 'benefits of using sun screen and your blog post will get the required attention from the readers'.

Or, you can create a dramatic headline like – 'what you will get when you start using sun screen'

These are the modern day headlines that the successful bloggers are using to get more social share.

3. Grab Attention by Hitting Hard

To create the perfect headline for blog posts, you would need direct approach sometimes.

So, the question is where you are going to hit. Well, the experts say to hit where the fear lives. Yes, since the ancient time, people have accomplished a lot through hitting on the others fears.

There is no reason why you cannot use this formula and get success too.

However, there is something you need to remember. This is a sensitive issue. You need to be careful about being too aggressive. If you end up being too negative, people might not want to share your blog post.

So, have a calculative approach here. Express the opinion without being sarcastic or sounding humiliating. Remember that such headlines can backfire if not used carefully.

4. Share Your Love

If you have positive reviews in form of testimonial, there is no reason, you cannot share it with the readers. This is one of the ways to show the readers that you have existing followers or happy clients.

However, here the million dollar question will arise. You will want to know how you can make people share your testimonial.

The experts say to share stories with the testimonial. For example, if you are selling fashion brand, you can share a real life story of a customer who won attention wearing your brand.

This is worth a try when you are looking for social share. In fact, you need to experiment a lot with different types of blog posts and headlines when you are looking for success in blogging.

5. Be Like

For this formula to work, you need to strike a balance between a witty headline and a great image. Only the combination of these two will be able to create the right impact.

You can create a headline like – 'Be Like Lara Croft – Win the Social Media Battle'. This headline with an image of Lara Croft will be enough for people to click on the link of your blog post.

But, here you need to remember that the headline must be witty. If you fail to strike the similarity between the celebrity and the theme of the blog post, your headline fails.

6. What Should They Know

When you give an impression of knowing a fact that everyone should know, people usually get interested. In fact, what you need to know is, headlines are pretty famous in the digital world.

So, here you need to give out two important impressions together – you need to tell them that they don’t know everything and you need to tell them that you have the access to this unknown fact.

While you are at it – try the unknown fact headline as well. These too work like wonder. You get the point, right?

So, experiment with blog post titles and be willing to test different headlines. Don’t become a prisoner of a success formula unless you want to create a series post.

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