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Use Chatbot for Sales Rate Enhancement – Tips from the Experts

Chatbots are the modern generation’s marketing tool. Though it is still on developing mode, you still can use them for increasing sales. But, before that you need to know a little about the chatbots.

Use Chatbot for Sales Rate Enhancement – Tips from the Experts

With time a lot has changed, communication process is one of them. This has come with a loud wake up call for the digital marketers. In this era of digitization, you simply cannot afford to be behind anyone. You need to embrace the change.

In the last 10 years, the major changes which took place are email marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing. The audiences have become habituated with the new message tools. It is time, your business should also adopt the changes.

If you can join the league early, you will be able to reap better reward than the others. The surge of Facebook messenger is a learning experience for the marketers. This messenger is one of the more effective tools. This platform has more than one billion followers. This platform has grown bigger than any other social media platforms. So, how can you use this new surge and communicate with your customers?

The only answer to this question is the chatbot messenger. This messenger is not only great for making effective conversation, this is also great for effective marketing strategy. With little effort, you can turn this tool into a big sales channel for your brand.

So, now the question is what is a chatbot?

Chatbot is the tool which is created with artificial intelligence and used for making communication. This service has many faces. It can be functional or it can be fun.

Why Use Chatbots for Business

Now, is the time to wonder what chatbots can do for your business? The fact is in this year chatbot is the tool for the marketers. Why should you even think of using this tool for your business promotion strategy?

Chatbots are nothing but text based services. Why they are being considered such a big deal? This is a great question which many business owners are asking. We would be glad to tell you.

The simple answer to this question is – people use messenger apps like Facebook messenger or Snapchat, more than they use their social media profiles.

This is the reasons, the marketers believe in building business where the people hang out. This shift of the platform has brought a lot of changes in the digital marketing strategy. In fact, now marketers are creating their promotional strategies based on the chatbot tools.

However, the experts are care about offering any verdict. They claim that the chatbot tools are still on the developing stage. This is why, it will be wise to hold the opinion for now.

For micro application involvement chatbot tools are the great platforms. This is going to be a huge opportunity for the marketers. This is the reason, even though it is at the developing stage, you still cannot afford to ignore the power of chatbot in this era.

So, how does the chatbot work? How can a machine know how to communicate with people?

Chatbot functions depending on rules. The machine has a lot of limitation. It does respond. But, there are some specific commands which can make a chatbot respond. In case, a user say something wrong, the bot will not be able to respond as it would not understand what the user is saying.

Chatbots are smart. However, these are as smart as the programmers make them. Wrong programming can ruin the entire effect.

There are chatbots that use machine learning. This bot comes with a brain. Yes, believe it or not, these bots do possess artificial brains. These have the capability to think. This is the reason, these chatbots can understand language. Users would not have to be too specific while communicating with these chatbots.

The best thing about this kind of chatbot is the way it learns. It is said to get smarter with time and communication. The more this bot communicates, the more it learns.

If you are thinking about using this wonder tool for your sale promotion process, you need to consider a very important fact.

Some Important Facts

Chatbots come with the simple surface. However, these are not as simple as these look like. It is not easy to create great experience for the users when you are using chatbots. This is why, you need to focus on multiple things including analytics and flow optimization.

You also have to focus on the integration that can check errors. The reality is the marketers need to first let go of the knowledge of marketing they have learnt to embrace chatbot marketing.

Purpose of Creating a Bot

It is important to understand that each bot is created a purpose. You need to understand this purpose before opting for one. This is not something you do because others are doing. You need to have your own distinct purpose of creating the bot.

A chatbot created by a store will assist in augmenting sales. When an IT company creates a chatbot it is usually for the purpose of customer care or solution providing. What is your purpose? Based on this, you will have to program the chatbot.

Building a Chatbot

Does it require an expert to build a chatbot? Well, of course you would require the assistance of an expert. However, the problem in building the right chatbot, is not in the technicality. It is actually in the user experience understanding. You need to have in-depth understanding of user experience to create the right chatbot.

Also, you must know what your chatbot is going to solve before you try to create it. To elevate sales rate also this knowledge will come handy. You will have to choose a platform to set up the bot. It can be Facebook or it can be Slack. The idea is to set it up where your potential customers hang out.     

Lastly, you can use your bot as the bottom funnel retargeting. Some marketers use bots to offer coupon codes. This can be used for remarketing campaigns as well. For conversion rate augmentation as well chatbots can be used. Since the bots can answer queries or respond to communication, you can use it for a lot of effective purposes.

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