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Use These Tricks for Better PPC Performance

PPC is effective as long as you work hard to make it work for you. Here are some ways you can make PPC work for your brand.

Use These Tricks for Better PPC Performance

Well, there is no doubt that PPC is still the more effective advertising trick the marketers can use. The best thing about PPC is – it does not only attract targeted viewers, it is measurable. The action is also consistent. This is one of the reasons, why people use this tactic to advertise their product or service.

This article will encompass around the tips and the tactics to make PPC work better for your promotion campaign.

Set a Goal

It is important to remember that everything in life needs a goal. Your PPC campaign too needs a defined goal. The campaign goal is needed to create the strategy for optimization.

This is the reason, it is important that to start with a roadmap. Also, remember to set a goal which can be measured. Without this, you will have no way of knowing whether your PPC campaign is yielding the desired result or not.

The common goals of PPC are –

  1. Increase traffic

  2. More leads

  3. Sale

  4. Subscription

  5. Download

Once you have decided upon the goal, you will be able to compare your campaign and find out whether you have gained success through it or not.

High Performing Keywords

While it might sound like an obvious tip, there are marketers who use just any keyword for their PPC ad campaigns. As a result, they don’t reach the desired number of people.

You need to understand that keywords are the main ingredient of successful PPC campaigns. If you are ignoring this one, you run the risk of running an unsuccessful PPC campaign.

However, here is a pitfall which you need to be aware of. It is important to stay away from the success formula. You can measure the keyword performance, through keyword report. But, you should not just stick to the best performing keywords. This is a mistake many marketers make. You would have to keep experimenting with keywords. This will help you stay in the race.

Analyzing Low Performing Keywords

There will always be some keywords which will not perform well. You need to find these keywords out and stop using them. Low performance refers to keywords that don’t impress the audience or the search engine. These will earn you nothing. In fact, using these will ensure wasting the money you are spending for your PPC campaign.

If you don’t want to ban these from your keyword list, you can take up the wait and watch strategy. This will enable you to watch the rise or fall of the keywords. This you can do for a couple of weeks. If you see rise in the keyword performance, you can use it for your PPC campaign. In case, there is no movement, you can very well say good bye to the keywords.

You will see that there are some keywords that don’t have clicks, but these have impression. You need to understand that the impression is occurring because, the users’ search queries have some of the keywords. This will lead your ad to appear in their search result. However, when you see that the viewers are not clicking the ads, you need to accept that the keywords are not relevant.

To solve this problem you need to find out carefully targeted keywords. This way when people find your ad through their search query, they will click to find more information.

If your PPC campaign is not yielding result, you need to review some important factors.

You must seek help from AdWords’ Search Query Reports. This will direct you to the problem which is restricting the conversion rate. Additionally, you would have to explore your own website. There might be something is creating problem in conversion.

The experts encourage people to direct the visitors to a landing page. Some marketers make the mistake of directing them to their homepage. This does not work for many products. This is the reason, try to direct them to the Amazon’s sale page where your product is being displayed. This will push people to buy your product.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are important. You need to find these out as these keywords make sure that your ad appears in the search targeted search result. When used properly, the keywords keep away unwanted traffic from your website. Irrelevant clicks are going to cost you. This is why, you need to do negative keyword research before getting started with your PPC strategy.

If you sale new cars, your ad might appear in the search result for old cars as well. However, to solve this problem you can use old cars as negative keyword. This way, people who are looking for new cars will be able to find your ads. Thus you will get relevant clicks for the buyers. This will open up the chance to get better leads.

Keyword Bids

Now, that you have done most of the difficult works, you need to pay attention to the keyword bids. This will help you stay in the race. You will have better chance at winning over the competition by using keyword bids.

Keyword Bids will depend on the marketing strategy which you are using. Many marketers use manual bids when they are optimizing bids. This is the favorite because manual bids will give you better control over the optimization strategy. You will be able to make changes whenever you want. Control is important because the digital world is ever changing. To match the pace, you too need to have the required flexibility.

Creating the Ads

Ad copies play great roles in engaging people. Remember that the copy of the ad is the only point of content which you have with your customers. Therefore, you need to make an effort to create impressive copies for the PPC ads. Always ask yourself – would click the link? If you would click the link, the chances are customers would not click the links either.

Lastly, make sure to create particular landing page for the ad you are creating. This trick has proved to be effective. If you cannot afford to have different landing page for different ads, you can at least make effort to write the ad copies for the landing page only.

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