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Voice Search Optimization Tips from the SEO Experts

Voice search is gaining immense importance in the SEO world. You need to optimize the voice search to get high ranking.

Voice Search Optimization Tips from the SEO Experts

It is all about finding the voice. While this might sound like yet another tip to the aspiring writers, this is also true for modern SEO. Why is that? Well, if you are new to this world, you will be shocked to know that 85 percent of the smartphone searches are occurring through voice. Isn’t that wonderful - all you have to do is – use your voice to find what you want? Yes, this is in fact wonderful and that is the reason, people are adhering to the voice search more and more.

In addition, there is no doubt that the number will rise with time. The news of the web world is Google is going to be the forefront of this type of search. Therefore, if you have ignored this aspect in the past, you can no longer deny the importance of the voice search.

This post is all about voice search optimization. It covers the tricks which will help you get started. It also covers the reasons to optimize the voice search.

Go Long Tail

Why long tail, you might ask. The reason is – people talk to their phones nowadays like the way they talk to their family and friends. If you want to use voice search to optimize your website, you need to understand the way people talk. How do they communicate with others? How do they communicate with their friends? How do they communicate with their family?

This understanding is the key to succeed in voice search optimization strategy. Once you begin to understand this aspect of human communication, you will be able to see that keywords are taking the backseats. Of course, keywords will not go out of fashion. These will be used to optimize websites. But, the human language which connects people to each other takes the lead here.

So, what should you do now that voice search is taking over the web world? You can start being human again. Yes, the experts have predicted this change at the dusk of 2017. They have urged the SEO professionals to start working like human again in 2018.

Therefore, start thinking the way a human would. This will help you optimize the voice search.

The long tail keywords have always worked. This is going to work again if you put them properly. Long tail is the only weapon which is going to push your SEO effort forward. Therefore, go long tail is the first tip.

To get the right set of keywords, you need to dig deeper and go in-depth into the matter.

Explore Features Snippet

It is true that all the search results don’t include the much talked about featured snippet. However, if you explore, you will see that most of the Google searched have featured snippets. These are important parts of SEO. The target should be to try to get high ranking on featured snippet. This will help you stay before the prospective clients.

With the essentiality of voice search, the importance of featured snippet is going to grow as well. If you want to improve your ranking, you need to put the long tail keyword, at the beginning of the article, so that people find it through their voice search. Also, try to use the long tail keyword in the URL.

Long Title, Long Description

The trend on 2018, is that things are getting longer. It is not only the keywords of the articles, the titles are growing longer as well. Marketers used to ask for short title a while ago. They also put emphasis on the short description. However, with time that has changed. Now, you can opt for long title and long description because these will help you get higher ranking on Google.

Why this trend, you might be wondering. Yes, what caused the titles to grow longer and the description lengthy? Well, the reason for long title and meta description is the use of long tail keywords in the title and description.

Local Search

Most of the voice searches are occurring for local services. This means when people are out with their family or friends, they use voice search to find their desired places, like restaurants or pubs.

Therefore, optimize the voice search keeping in mind the local searches. How you can fit your optimization plan around the local searches depends on you. However, it is important that you focus on the local searches to help people find your business.

However, here you are going to face a little problem. You will not be able to anticipate with correctness what your potential customers are going to say to their smartphone as search query. This is the reason, you need to use the Q&A Section to test the keywords which you are going to use for your optimization plan.

Intention is Everything

The power of intention works here as well. You just have to use it properly. Google wants to look beyond the search query and wants to find out why someone is looking for a particular thing.

It is important to know the intention behind the users search. The more you know it, the better you are at using this intention to create your optimization strategy. The related search result which you get at the bottom of the page is going to help you in understanding the users’ intent.

Before, you create your optimization plan, you need to remember that Google has immense love for the people who are using the search engine. Therefore, you need to keep them in mind when you are using voice search for better ranking.

Reasons to Optimize VS

Well, before wrapping it up nicely, let’s talk about why should you make the effort of optimizing the voice search. Google is going to set up AI – artificial intelligence. Voice search is going to play an essential role in this. Additionally, it is clear that more and more people are using voice search to run their business. Now is the time to optimize the voice search option.

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