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Weather Disrupts Flights in Delhi Due to Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms

Airport authorities have asked passengers to contact the airline for updated flight info.

Weather Disrupts Flights in Delhi Due to Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms

Flight operations at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport were impacted on Monday morning as some places of the NCR region received heavy rainfall with thunderstorms. Several parts of Delhi suffered power cuts due to heavy rain and strong winds early this morning. Airlines have been requested by the airport authorities to provide updated flight information to passengers.

IndiGo advised its passengers to arrive at the airport with enough time and tweeted, "It's pouring in #Delhi. We advise passengers to keep enough travel time in hand while traveling to the airport.

Meanwhile, Spicejet posted on Twitter that the terrible weather in Delhi may affect their departures and arrivals at the airport, and suggested that travelers be updated on their flight status.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted that thundershower with a moderate increase in rainfall and strong winds with a speed of 60-90 Km/h would continue, connecting areas of whole Delhi and NCR during the following two hours.

Trees were uprooted by strong winds and heavy rains in parts of Delhi, blocking roads.

IMD said that there may be effects on vulnerable structures, kutcha houses, traffic, and visibility, and recommended people to remain inside and avoid traveling if possible.

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