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What Google AMP Can Do for Your SEO

AMP is an important aspect of SEO. Because Google gives it priority, you need to know about this tool.

What Google AMP Can Do for Your SEO

Google AMP is gaining fame with time. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It is an initiative by the search engine giant. This open source tool is going to help people designs web pages that are mobile compatible. Using AMP, you can create pages which load in a fraction of second.

It is time, you need to be familiar with the AMP codes. This is important because AMP is going to affect the Google ranking. If you want to rank high, you need to be aware of AMP and need to know how it works.

It is a fact that the more you explore AMP, the more you can use it to promote your business and your website. Speed is an important element of a website. This plays an important role in making people like a website. Even with that knowledge, the marketers must be aware of some important facts about AMP.

So, here it goes…

Google AMP – Defined

What is Google AMP? If you are still not clear about this or if you are getting started with SEO and need little tutorial, let us decode this for you. AMP is nothing but HTML5. As you know this is the coding which helps developers create their preferred web pages. If you delve into the technical aspect, you will understand that this is an open source tool which gives you the chance to create websites that load fast.

AMP includes images, contents and videos of all kinds. The key to the speed of AMP is actually JavaScript. Once the need for speed is taken care of, the website styling is done through CSS3.

Why It Is Important?

You might be wondering why AMP is so important. AMP has gained fame and importance due to people’s need for speed. This aspect influences SEO and every other aspects of website promotion.

If you are eyeing the top ranking of Google, you must include AMP in the promotion plan that you have. With time AMP has become one of the most important parts of SEO because Google gives priority to AMP.

So, how it influences SEO?

Speed is and will always be the most important element of SEO. It does not matter how well designed your website is, it does not matter how good your contents are, if your website does not load in three seconds, people will not linger to look at the great design and well written content. This is why AMP is essential to your SEO planning.

Multiple sites can have same ranking but the one with better speed will surpass the others. This is the best way to explain how speed can influence SEO effort of a website. AMP works to boost speed of a website and get all the contents ready for fast loading.

So, without proper use of AMP, you will not be able to pass the speed test of Google. This should be enough to erase doubt from your mind about AMP and its influence on SEO.

The Limits of Speed

Like everything else AMP too comes with some drawbacks and limits. You need to know about these if you are really willing to make it work for you. What you must understand is – AMP is used to make contents available for the users within seconds. However, because this is HTML5, it has some limitation. When you are using AMP, some aspects of your website might not work properly.

You can be assured that videos, contents and images everything will be loaded fast with AMP. However, the latest coding or the modern day technology might not be compatible with AMP. This is still a very basic tool.

Impact on SEO

How this limit is going to impact your SEO effort? Yes, you have the right to ask this. Well, to be frank, you will have to compromise on high tech functionality. You will also have to compromise on the sophisticated designs. If you choose AMP, you will make speed the only and the most essential part of the website while letting go of the other aspects like functionality and designs.

This might be a turn off for many marketers. However, if you come to think about it, what’s the use of a website which does not get loaded and have no viewership.

Impact on Analytics

Now, that we know how AMP affects SEO, we would be interested to know how it will impact Analytics. Let’s have a look.

The Analytics accuracy might be compromised with the use of AMP. Sometimes determining where the content is published becomes difficult with AMP. Another restriction you will face while using AMP is determining users’ identity. This is because, AMP restricts cookies.

If you give it a thought, you will see that AMP will lay out uncertain report before you.

The Future

So, what is the future of AMP? Most importantly what is the future of SEO? If you don’t use AMP, the speed of your website might be compromised. If you use it, you will face restrictions in many aspects. So, what should you do? How do you deal with the situation?

At this point the AMP’s future looks bright as this works well to help websites rank high. Yet, it is still too early to say that AMP is the main aspect of mobile compatibility. The time will tell how AMP fairs in the future.

Some AMP Mistakes

There are some development mistakes people make while using AMP. If you are using this tool, you need to be aware of these mistakes. Try to avoid these at any cost.

Including incorrect metadata is a common mistake which many developers end up making.  If the metadata is not correct, people will face difficulties in finding your website. It is important to help crawlers to discover the AMP files. More than often, people disallow crawlers to get the files.  

Lastly, make sure that you test the loading time before making your website live. Just because you are using AMP, does not mean you will assume it will load at lightning speed.

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