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What Should be Your Plans to Increase Conversion Rate

Increasing conversion rate is the objective which the modern day marketers follow. You need to implement a strategy for better conversion.

What Should be Your Plans to Increase Conversion Rate

Driving more traffic is the key focus of modern day marketing team. The moment traffic begins to hit the webpage, the responsibility for conversion gets shifted over to the sales team. This is the modern day marketing strategy which most of the companies follow. However, the approach turns different from this point forward. Different organizations opt for different kinds of conversion strategy. Some of the organizations try to drag new traffic to the website, some focus their attention on the existing traffic for the purpose of conversion. Regardless of the approaches, both the teams require a strategy for conversion rate optimization.

What is CRO

If you are new to this, you might not have clear idea about conversion rate optimization. Those who are into web development profession, will tell you that the websites are created in a way that visitors transform into customers. This is known as conversion rate optimization. To get the conversion rate high enough, SEO experts optimize all the pages. CRO is a great tool which the modern day marketers use to increase the number of conversion.

However, you need to have some facts clear if you are planning to implement conversion rate optimization plan. What you need to understand is – there is a time for everything. CRO falls under this rule as well.

Don’t opt for the strategy because you think everyone else is using it. You need to ponder and find the right time when the strategy will ensure success. Website assessment is one of the tasks which you need to perform before implementing the CRO plan. You need to see whether your website is getting conversion from the daily visits. If there is conversion, what is the number? A lot of you need to find out before implementing anything.

Since you are just getting started with the conversion optimization, you need to start with existing traffic. If you try to draw new traffic and then convert them, it will take a lot of time. To turn your existing traffic into customer, you can use a lot of tools. Some of these are free, yet effective. These can be used for better conversion and increased number of traffic.

Demand Assessment

To increase traffic and then convert them into customers, you need to assess the demand of the customers. Yes, what the customers want is an essential thing which you need to know before implementing your CRO strategy. The best thing about this assessment is once you have got the information, you can turn your existing traffic with more ease by giving them what they want. The digital marketing experts use different formulas to increase the conversion rate. Once you start using the formula, you will come to know about the impact of the strategy which you are implementing for the conversion.

Before, you implement the plan, make sure to remember that driving more traffic to the website is not the goal. If you try you will be able to drive a lot of people to your blog or your webpage. Vanity metrics is the main confusion which mislead people. Free traffic is nothing for your business. Your website is a marketing tool, so is your blog. The digital marketing strategy should yield result into generating businesses. If you are not making money from your digital marketing strategy, you are doing something wrong and this is the harsh reality.

The CRO Plan

Now, for this you would need expert’s advice. This is not something which you can implement by watching YouTube. Having said that, you would find plenty of options online which will help you get the conversion boost. Call to Action is being vastly used nowadays. If you dig deeper you will find that most of the strategies do not work properly in converting customers. People suffer from banner blindness. This restricts the chance of having any conversion from banners. Readers don’t read a blog post till the end either. In this case, the SEO’s adhere to the CTA strategy. In fact through a survey they have seen that call to action yields a lot of result. The conversion rate increases by 7 percent when this strategy is used properly.

If you are looking for a way to add value to your website, you can include lead flow. It can be used to increase the conversion rate as well. However, how you use the strategy depends on your need. It is important that you keep your cool at the time of choosing. Make sure to explore and choose from the various options. This trick has proved to be effective and succeeded in increasing conversion rate by more than 20 percent.

When was the last time you have explored your landing page? Most of the organizations make this mistake. They ignore the landing page and focus on other pages. However, landing page is one of the key tools which works its wonder when it comes to conversion. SEO experts advise to monitor this page because of the huge impact it has on the conversion rate. You must look at it from the perspective of a visitor and see whether the landing boosts any emotion. If you feel nothing, it is time to go for a landing page makeover. Anyone who has been in this industry long enough will tell you this.

Some use automated workflow. You too can do this for the purpose of conversion. However, there is one thing which you need to remember is – for workflow to work for you, it is imperative that you get assistance from the experts. This is a complicated task and you need to have a plan for right implementation. When done right workflow can help you monitor your targeted audience. Where they hang online, what they search for and how they react will get reported through workflow.

Conversion requires a lot of planning. You need to go about it methodically if you really want to increase your conversion rate. If people are leaving your website without buying, you must take quick action.


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