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What You Can do to Convert Traffic with Social Media A Beginner's Guide

For a startup getting conversion from their website or blog can be a difficult task. you need to experiment with different strategies to find the right one which works for you.

What You Can do to Convert Traffic with Social Media A Beginner's Guide

So, you are doing your bit of social media, right? You are regularly posting on Facebook and Twitter. You have a number of followers on each one of the platforms. A pat on your back, you are doing pretty good. But, now the harsh reality check – are you making money from your social media promotion? How many visitors have turned into solid leads? Tough questions, right? Well, don’t be disappointed if the number of conversion is low. Everything in life can be fixed. The conversion can be pulled up with little effort as well.


One thing people, especially the beginners don’t understand is that lead generation takes time. Conversion takes time too. You need to be patient about the conversion. You would have to go through a lot of experimenting and testing to increase the lead generation.


This post is an assortment of tips from the experts of the industry who have spent their lives trying to decode the secret of conversion and lead generation.


Optimizing External Content Link


If you want social media to work for you in lead generation, you need to treat the platform as an essential part of your marketing strategy. Social media is the platform which gives you the chance to reach out to the valuable audiences. You can use social media to share valuable contents with people who might turn into leads in the future.


However, sharing content is not the only objective. You need to know how you should format the contents for the social media platforms. Also, you need to know about the lead generation paths of social media.


Blog posts that are linked to some landing page work like wonder in attracting valuable traffic. Experts use gated contents for the purpose of lead generation as well. Registration form which can get you valuable contact information of the visitors. This form needs to be placed strategically so that people get interested in registration.


Now that you know the paths, it is important that you test each one of the paths for your own benefit. It is important that you find out which path works for you. However, you should always try to link your blog post with a landing page for better chance of conversion. You can use a PDF guide for the linking purpose. This will also work in evoking interest. Your job is to make people excited about the whole set up. Most just link their blog with their website homepage and later complain about the lack of conversion.


Entertaining Content


If you explore and try to find what sells, you’ll be surprised to see that it is only entertainment which sells. Keeping this in mind you need to think of making your blog posts entertaining. Why else people should come to visit your site? Why should they read your content? For information, you will argue. But, the thing is the information you are offering is not unique, right? You are not inventing something totally new, right? There are too many blogs which are offering the same thing, the same information.


So, what should you use to make your blog posts entertaining? The experts say – nothing more than skill and time. Yes, you need to craft your blog posts skillfully. You need to carefully write each post so that they attract attention. Also, when you are crafting the post, you need to pay attention to the entertainment part. If possible and it agrees with the topic you are writing, don’t shy away from using humor to your blog post.


Unique voice works in this noisy world. This is going to be like your brand. You need to stick to the voice and cash on the uniqueness of the expression. However, the catch here is – once you have established a voice, you might find it difficult to use another voice.


Don’t Just Post Links


Linking content is an essential part of social media strategy. However, if you think that you will be able to convert traffic into leads, you will be mistaking. This is not the only thing which you should stick to.


Social media experts stick to inspirational quotes when you are promoting a blog post. Whenever the situation permits, you can use latest news and views of the experts of the industry to evoke interest of the visitors.


The basic tip is, don’t turn your blog a channel for RSS feed only. If you spend enough time on internet, you will find that posts that make people inspired get most likes and share. This is why, you need to opt for inspirational posts if you want to create a loyal visitor base. Once you have created this base, you can easily convert these people into solid leads.


Focus on Your Landing Page


This is the page which will turn the visitors into solid leads. This is why landing page requires most of the attention. You need to use this page to draw more people to your website and eventually to your brand. As you are getting started, remember that landing page is the asset which can help you earn the trust of the visitors.


However, that does not mean you will adorn everything on this page. Remember to keep the landing page minimal. This is like short and crunchy content which works better than two thousand words lengthy write-up’s.


Encourage Engagement


Well, remember that the more people regularly visit your blog, the better your conversion chance will be. Here you can wisely create posts asking for your readers or visitors’ engagement. Usually companies create funny tests which are both entertaining and informative. Such tests are great way to engage people. They will keep coming back for more, if they see that what you are offering is unique.


Remember that first you need to engage your visitors and then only you can turn them into leads. Conversion is a vast subject which is also relative. Different strategy works for different brands and companies. You need to have the willingness and patience to test the paths before sticking to one.

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