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Why You are Not Getting Traffic and How You Can Fix the Errors

There must be something wrong with your website. Find out the probable cause of low traffic.

Why You are Not Getting Traffic and How You Can Fix the Errors

It is normal to sit waiting for people to visit a blog, even after doing everything the right way. The question which arises here is – why people don’t visit your website even though you are following everything that is written in the blogging rule book.

When this happens, you can take it for granted that something with the blogging is not right. The onus then falls on you to find out what’s wrong with the process.

In this blog post, you can get some possible reasons for which your blog traffic is going down.

Poor SEO

Usually this is the key reason for blogs to get poor blog traffic. Of course, you need to use Google for the free traffic. But, without right optimization plan, you will not be able to reach the first page of the search engine. This is a difficult task which you need to deal with carefully.

To get to the first page of the search engine, you need to think of content quality. You need to think of the content optimization plan. Additionally, you need to think about the keywords which can help you accomplish the ranking you desire.

If you are missing these points you are walking on thin line on web world. Chances of driving people to your website are not very high. However, this does not mean you cannot steer your way back.

The Quick fix

You can use WordPress SEO if you are confused about your promotion. Of course, it is not easy to use Wordpress SEO. However, when you are using it regularly, you will be better at using Wordpress SEO with perfect expertise. There are guides available which will help you learn the secrets of Wordpress optimization process.

Installing Google Analytics will also help you make the right plan. You will be able to monitor the websites’ movement through analytics reports.

Backlink Might be Ineffective

Do you know how important backlink is for a websites’ ranking? No? Well, you are in for surprise. If you explore, you will see that the websites that rank high have quality links to their websites. These links attach the websites to the search engine and in return the website gets required ranking.

The profiles of these websites are littered with quality backlinks. Without quality links you will not be able to get the traffic you desire. In case, you don’t have a link building strategy and you don’t have any backlink to your profile, you would have to do something about it.

The Quick Fix

Get started with blog commenting. This can be easily done by finding out the top blogs on your own niche. Find the article or blog post which interests you, read carefully before leaving a comment. This tactic will get you some leverage when you are getting started with the backlink. You need to do tis often to make it work for you.

However, here is a word of caution. If you leave comment and sit back waiting to reach the number one spot, you will be waiting forever. What you need to do is attempt to do more. Comments will not help you alone. You need to go for guest posting as well.

The blogs gives the guest writers the freedom to attach a couple of links. This will help you reach out to people you want to convert as your business leads.

The Target Keywords

Keyword targeting is a difficult work. This needs SEO knowledge and practice. Lack of knowledge is the main reason why people don’t get to incorporate proper keyword to their blog posts.

To make the keywords work for you, it is important to either focus on long tail keywords or, you need to focus on gaining authority. Remember that gaining authority is not easy. You need to work for it. Sometimes it takes years for a website to gain authority.

This is why for quick SEO boost target the long tail keywords. These will give you the required push.

Quick Fix

For better result, you need to combine both the tactics. Attempt to grow your authority while you target the required keywords. Together these two will certainly give you the leverage you are looking for.

You need to plan out one guest post each week for better authority.

Irrelevant Content

Remember that content is the key reason for people to come to a website. If they come and find the contents irrelevant for their requirement or if they find repetitive contents, they will leave the page without wasting any time.

Such contents are poisonous. Even if you go for paid traffic people will still not remain on your website.

Quick Fix

Before anything else evaluate your contents. Look out for some key aspects.

  1. Crisp language

  2. Short paragraphing

  3. Use of both bold and italics

  4. Simple sentence

  5. Image or video

  6. Attractive title

  7. Right topic

These are the ingredients which can get you the required attention and make readers stay on your website.

Creating Vs Promoting

More than often people get swept off by the need to create so much that they forget the need to promote their websites. If you commit to daily creation of blog posts, you will surely get traffic to your website. The flow will be nice as well. However, with organic traffic, you cannot guarantee that you will be able to attract people to your website for sure.

Quick Fix

Focus on promotion while you are creating your blog post. In fact you need to plan the promotion process even before you write down the first line of your blog post.

To make the most of the digital world, you would have to seek assistance from the influencers. They can offer your blog post the required attention. You can fix one social media platform for the promotion as well. This will be your own platform for the promotion process.

Lastly, social media presence and website experience are the two important aspects which you need to pay attention to. When everything is running in a balanced way, you can get the required traffic.

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