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‘Joker’ Becomes the First R-Rated Film to Hit 1 Billion at Box Office

Twitter celebrates film ‘Joker’ joining the 1 Billion club, and that too being an R-Rated movie. Wait, there’s more to the story!

‘Joker’ Becomes the First R-Rated Film to Hit 1 Billion at Box Office

The recent addition to the 1 billion cine club isn’t surprising, yet, worth celebrating. ‘Joker’ has crossed 1 billion globally at the box office and that too being an R-Rated film. In fact, ‘Joker’ is the first R-Rated cinema ever to join the Big Billion club.


Twitter hardly fails to observe any momentous or extraordinary affair, and this time as well there’s no exception. The Twitterati are bursting with excitement due to one further reason, guess what? ‘Joker’ is also the lowest budget film in history to hit 1 billion, and yes, this doesn’t include China.


‘Joker’ that obtained 8.8 on IMDB is an American psychological thriller drama having the ever-rogue Joker from the DC comics in the central role. Basically, it’s a prequel narrating Arthur Fleck a.k.a Joker’s tragic yet disturbing journey of life. Why a lonely, innocent man takes the road of wickedness? How liable is this society in shoving a human being submerged into isolation, deceit and dismissal? A social outcast, who was compelled to point guns at the Gotham community, failed to survive the urge of brutally killing his own beloved mother, slaying the tv celeb he always idolised as his own father… all these putting on a happy face!


Starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title character, directed and produced by Todd Philipps, ‘Joker’ has ceaselessly earned love and praises worldwide. Critics and media also didn’t swither declaring ‘Joker’ being Joaquin’s best, till date.


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