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A British Woman Had a Dead Turtle in Her Vagina

A dead turtle was found inside the vagina of a British woman after she was complaining of abdominal pains.

A British Woman Had a Dead Turtle in Her Vagina

Bizarre, strange, weird, horrific. Different adjectives are being added to the incident of this British woman who reportedly had a dead turtle in her vagina. As per reports, the woman had been feeling unwell for a few days. As per her revelations, she went out with her pals a few days earlier after which she had been facing certain discomforts in her body.

After the doctor found the turtle, the Tenerife cops were informed. The doctor said that the woman had a genital infection and the probable cause is the dead turtle inside her vagina. She was suffering from tremendous pain in her genital area when she decided to see the doctor. The doctor confirmed that the dead reptile had infected the area and this is pretty serious.

The woman, when asked by the police about her whereabouts, said that her feeling of odd began after she partied with a couple of her British friends who are supposedly linked with the incident. Though the women said that she has no idea how the reptile ended up in her vagina, causing her the infection.

The place of occurrence of the incident is in Spain. Some reports are saying that the reptile might be a tortoise as well. In Spanish, both turtle and tortoise are called Tortuga and thus there are speculations on the type of the reptile.

As per the local dailies and Spanish newspapers which published this news, she was admitted to the medical center of EI Mojon which is situated in the municipality area of Arona which is situated in the southern part of the island. As per reports, this is not an exact hospital. It is a facility that is offered above Los Cristianos which is a holiday resort. This operates as a small hospital. Eventually, it has developed to become the state hospital of southern Tenerife. Maybe for this reason when one of the leading dailies went over to interview the staffs on the matter, there was no one available at one of the peak hours. But the explanation of El Dia officials to this was the administrative body of El Dia has decided not to comment anything on this matter due to data protection.

It is very much evident that the officials are simply disapproving the incident and is denying the incident for the reason of controversy. But the matter is genuine as the victim herself has committed the facts.

Leading researchers confirmed that it was a freshwater Chinese pond turtle. These kinds of turtles are usually sold worldwide in different pet stores. After growth, these turtles are able to reach up to 12 inches in length. The police who is investigating the case is speculating that such an action is the reason for some sexual assault. But still, no shreds of evidence are found. The victim has also not yet confirmed anything related to the matter.

The police said that the investigation is not going further as the victim is saying that she does not have any memory related to the incident. As per sources, the reptile has definitely not entered the woman’s vagina on its own. It is either the person herself or any external pressure that has forcefully inserted the turtle in her vagina.

The doctors said that they have never seen such a case and they are equally astounded. The doctor said that initially when the woman complained about the abdominal pain it was assumed as an infection. But no one had the slightest hint that a dead turtle would be recovered from the vagina.


The turtle is under inspection but the woman does not wish to pursue the case and still no official complaint of sexual violence has been filed by the woman.

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