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Bollywood Stereotype Smashed by Transwoman Writer of 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga'

The new movie trailer of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is breaking all the records with its fresh take on homosexuality.

Bollywood Stereotype Smashed by Transwoman Writer of 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga'

The official trailer of the much-discussed Sonam-Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao starrer, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, is out! Furthermore, it is reasonable for a state that it is breaking the internet. What makes the film considerably progressively extraordinary is the way that it has been composed by screenplay author Gazal Dhaliwal, a transwoman herself.

Within just a few days, it has only accumulated more than six million viewers, and the numbers are just counting high! However, before you ponder the numbers, let us reveal to you what makes this upcoming film so pertinent in the present situation!

A transitioning film, the story reveals the life of Sweety (Sonam Kapoor). As a tyke, Sweety dreams of the wedding the love for her life. Growing up, life ends up being very extraordinary for her. While her family discovers three suitors for the apple of their eyes, there is one mystery that prevents her from tolerating any of them. A secret that she supposes will break her family and turn her folks against her.

Rajkummar, who plays a dramatist in the movie, portrays the story through a play that has the same title from the film. It indicates two ladies being torn separated by a crowd, dropping the insight that Sweety has, truth be told, become hopelessly enamored with a young lady. The trailer closes with the tagline– The most sudden romantic tale of the year #LetLoveBe.

Gazal Dhaliwal has made her little endeavor to uncover her moving story. Known for adding to screenplay writing in acclaimed films like Wazir, Lipstick Under My Burkha and Agli Baar, Gazal began her career in Infosys after completing her education. Within the next two years, she moved to Mumbai to seek after her passion of writing for Bollywood.

About Gazal- the writer

In any case, Gazal was not known initially as Gazal. Until 25, she battled an inward fight against sexual orientation dysphoria. Stating her journey on Satyameva Jayate, she says, "I was conceived in the wrong body. I never felt like a kid. Indeed, even the little things I loved were ladylike. My companions were young ladies, I cherished playing dollhouse with them. At the point when my mom wasn't home, I would wear her dupatta. The majority of this began when I was at the age of five. I recollect, when my mom wasn't home, and I was wearing her garments, my auntie saw it. Finding my conduct greatly unusual, she slapped me hard," says Gazal.

Growing up, she thought that it was hard to impart her battle to anybody, including her folks. She was regularly tormented in school because of her ladylike characteristics.

"They would call me names like chakka (eunuch). I realized I needed to control my ladylike characteristics supposing that I communicated them, individuals would make fun. There was a major part of my life when I had lived smothering my character. I felt limited and confined in my very own body. The sexual orientation that my body had was no place near the sex my spirit related to."

She previously addressed her dad about it at the age of 14. And keep in mind that she didn't see how a young man could feel like a young lady from inside, he didn't brush her worries away. He recognized it and revealed to her it could be a stage that would work in the pass away eventually.

As school advanced, and she saw youthful adolescents around her, Gazal never envisioned she could ever discover an accomplice. On that, the internal battle of sex character was pushing her down a winding.

"I was discouraged. I couldn't adapt to scholastics. Only a few days before the tests, I stole some cash from home and boarded a train to Delhi. I was alarmed after the train crossed Patiala. There were a few men who continued instructing me to run with them. I got off, hurried to a pay phone and called my mom. She was crying on the opposite end. 'If it's not too much trouble return Gunraj, we won't say anything.' I guaranteed to return home. My dad's dear companion in Delhi helped me, and the following day, my dad came from Patiala to take me back home."

On our way back, with tears in his eyes, he stated, "I have constantly attempted to be your companion? For what reason didn't you converse with me?"

Gazal replied, "It wasn't a stage. I don't figure it will ever get over."

From that point, her parents were there to help. She chose to finish her education, moved to Mysore to work for Infosys and make something out of her life.

"I needed to progress. However, it was troublesome at the time. So I chose to seek after my next huge dream, to compose for the Hindi film industry."

She moved to Mumbai and considered filmmaking at St Xavier's. It was amid the course that she made a narrative on sexual orientation character. This opened up an entirely different world to her. She met a few heroes who confronted a similar battle growing up and had effectively changed medicinally.

"It was at the time I understood, that change was troublesome, yet feasible."

Gazal shares, “It was the greatest defining moment of her life. There was no thinking back from that point onward."

Gazal wrote an email and sent it to all her nearest family and companions, who recognized it as well as saluted her strength for the adventure ahead. There was an acknowledgment, of the most excellent kind.

Talking about her first response after the doctor demonstrated her body after the progress, Gazal says, "I didn't shout in fervor. I was simply quiet. It was harmony that I felt after quite a while. I let myself know."

Gazal's folks went to each house in their region and addressed their neighbors about her change, to guarantee no one treated her diversely after she returned.

Presently, every day is a present for Gazal. Today, she is an extremist, a persuasive orator and a motivation to youths battling with sexual orientation character.

As she expedites screen an extraordinary film that crushed generalizations, we wish her the simple best for the road ahead with the new release, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga.

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