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Cognizant Acquires Hedera to Better Serve European Clients

Cognizant Acquires Hedera to Better Serve European Clients

Cognizant Acquires Hedera to Better Serve European Clients

Nasdaq-listed Cognizant has now taken over Hedera Consulting, a privately held Belgian company specializing in business advisory and data analytics services across industry verticals, for an undisclosed sum and terms. The acquisition marked Cognizant’s inorganic growth and expansion of its consulting, business insight and digital transformation capabilities, particularly for its clients in Belgium and Netherlands, top company officials said, adding that Hedera Consulting would now be part of the Cognizant Consulting business unit.

What drew Cognizant to Hedera was that the Kontich (Belgium)-headquartered company works with leading brands from different industries and their consultants and data scientists specialize in helping clients with the growth strategy, innovation, marketing, sales and customer service.

Philip Lahey, Partner, Hedera Consulting, said that in the new scheme of things they would be better positioned to help clients define their strategy, transform their businesses and gain insight and competitive advantage in their fast-changing and highly competitive marketplaces. That’s the advantage of joining forces with Cognizant. The combined team will be much stronger in helping its clients in the two markets of Belgium and Netherlands to extract meaning from their data and use it to effectively shape their products, services.

Santosh Thomas, President, Global Growth Markets, Cognizant, on his parts, said that the move had come at a time when companies were redesigning their business and IT operating models for the digital era in both Belgian and Dutch markets. Cognizant will now be in a position to help its European clients better. Joining forces with a Belgian (European) company would come in handy to Cognizant towards this goal. The whole idea is to let companies succeed by reducing time from informed insight to action.

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