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Importance of Physical and Mental Fitness in having a Successful Career

Fitness is priceless & cannot be negotiated for anything, for anyone. If you are in good health, you are the luckiest on earth, you are indeed very rich, you need nothing else. Your fitness quotient gives you the vision to find opportunities hidden in challenges.

Importance of Physical and Mental Fitness in having a Successful Career

We are very fortunate to have survived the pandemic and the life changing experience that we had,living through 2020 till date, has only increased the importance of fitness for each one of us. I was introduced to exercises at a very early age of two years by my dad, who always emphasized on mental health being dependent on our physical activities. With time fitness got engrained deeper into my breath, blood and bones.

So what is fitness all about?

Though I am not in showbiz where having great physique, being in perfect shape, looking extremely good matter the most. However, being a successful professional in the world of technology, management, media and education, I find my work exceptionally glamorous. Fitness for me implies “Being able to deliver my responsibilities on a regular basis without any physical and mental challenges”. After a day’s hard work, at times of 14 to 16 hours doing several different activities, I still possess an immense amount of energy to enjoy quality time with my family. And I sincerely contribute my abilities to do what I need to do for the day - to my good physical and mental health. If you are healthy, you naturally eliminate tiredness from your Thesaurus.

Now you may be thinking, how does physical health help in achieving career goals?  

If you are physically fit, not suffering from any lifestyle disorders, major ailments, pains and aches, frequent cough and cold, whatsoever, you are most comfortable and at peace with yourself. You automatically get energized and engage better in everything that you work on. You reflect a positive attitude and that rubs on everything around you. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and its a mental setup that helps you to figure out as well as grab opportunities.

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The journey has not been easy, being in a full time job, handling business ventures, actively involved in technical and creative writing, training and mentoring, consistently self upgrading and so on. If I never negotiated on health, never mixed my personal and professional responsibilities, it is because I always gave importance to fitness. I have never gotten tired of falling because my fitness gave me a strong push to get up and start going again. 

If you are mentally strong, you look forward to challenges. I search for opportunities latent within the hardships that come my way. It’s a growth mindset that makes me seek and provide ‘Feed Forward’. It’s good to learn from the past, but I believe in planning better for the future and taking next steps. Hence I talk to my team, my customers, my associates, even my family about moving forward and not stay stuck in the past. 

Whichever field you are in, life sciences and healthcare, beauty and cosmetics, technology, research, media and entertainment, manufacturing, retail, doesn’t matter. You need to keep learning new skills, upgrading existing skills, take up new assignments, do things that you find interesting or make mundane things more fun. And you achieve success only when you are doing the right things with your body and mind, when you have the spark within you to take the extra step that takes you to the next higher level or to a new venture or to a new job opportunity.

What is the ultimate benefit of fitness?

Fitness is priceless and cannot be negotiated for anything, for anyone. If you are in good health, you are the luckiest on earth, you are indeed very rich, you need nothing else. This is what I have come to understand and a tough lesson that I learnt through the COVID phase. Now I take it in my stride to teach everyone the benefits of fitness, not by giving lectures or repeating stuff, but through action. My kids learn by watching me because actions speak more than words. Even my team members, they pick up the practices they observe by following my actions closely. 

If you want to get the most out of your creative genius, combine simple habits and hard efforts into daily practice. Being fit is no longer a fancy, rather it’s a mandate for everyone in order to live a happy life, preserve the goodness we are born with and keep improving each day. No matter if you work from home, from the office, a cafe or a workpod, keep moving and stay active. Engage in brisk walk, cycling, jogging, running, swimming, in fact anything that keeps you active. Avoid sitting in one position, staring at the screen and spoiling your health, get up, walk around, take deep breaths, laugh out loud and feel the magic happening.

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