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Kaspersky’s Green Bear Comes up With ‘Play Win-Buy Win’ Campaign

The Green Bear—also known as Midori Kuma - is Kaspersky’s Data Guardian that is all set to bring product awareness to millions of people worldwide and has already toured many countries.

Kaspersky’s Green Bear Comes up With ‘Play Win-Buy Win’ Campaign

Terms like ‘cybersecurity’ and ‘cyber attacks’ always tend to remind internet users worldwide of serious threats and all the issues associated with it, and make us all feel gloomy and worrisome. What if we told you that the ‘worry’ is now out of the equation? Kaspersky Lab—one of the leading multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus providers in the world whose top-notch products help and protect millions of internet users worldwide from threatening cyber attacks and keep their online data safe—has revamped its products and the updated key range of solutions for home users, and these products will now be available in brand new packaging! And this is no ordinary packaging but a fun twist to ensure cybersecurity with the help of their mascot—the Green Bear!

The Green Bear—also known as Midori Kuma - is Kaspersky’s Data Guardian that is all set to bring product awareness to millions of people worldwide and has already toured many countries for showcasing Kaspersky’s approach to a friendly way of dealing with cyber security. Midori Kuma is not only going to help you beat cyber-criminals but also make you remember that Kaspersky Lab always has your back when it comes to online data security.

Kaspersky Lab is launching, a fun interactive campaign offering customers with exciting contests and a whole load of prizes and giveaways worth a total of INR 8 Lakhs/-, by playing online games and even win the latest gadgets! You can now participate in two contests called Play & Win and Buy & Win that will be open from today to 31st December 2018.

For the Play & Win contest, all you have to do is play one of the online games such as “Cyber Security Run” or “Flip and Match” and score to top 5. Each game’s top 5 weekly winners will be announced on the abovementioned website will win exclusiveKaspersky Lab merchandizes. After playing, users can also download a free e-copy of the Cyberworld Survival Guide—an insightful PDF that talks about the different ways of dealing with cyber threats of various kinds. No purchase is required to participate in this contest. There is something for everyone!

For the Buy & Win contest, every purchase of Kaspersky Lab’s selected retail box product such as the Kaspersky Anti- Virus (KAV), Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), and Kaspersky Total Security (KTS), will get you an assured gift—the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (KISA) worth INR 365/- each. In addition, each purchase entitles you to be in the running to win exciting prizesthrough a lucky draw! A total of 309 prizes include e-cycle, smartwatch, smartphone and a helmet, are up for grabs. The Buy & Win offer is spearheaded by Kaspersky’s distributor VR Infotech.



Nikhil Dudwadkar, Marketing Manager - South Asia, Kaspersky Lab, said that the Green Bear Marketing campaign is an exciting way of connecting with its consumers and reintroducing itself as a cybersecurity brand. The fun and caring friend, the Green Bear, is the company’s Data Guardian who is out there to protect Kaspersky product users from cybercriminals and safeguard their valuable data, and his presence on all our packaging simply reinforces its motto: have a cybercrime-free world. Kaspersky’s campaign that includes end-consumer contests will not only help it connect with its customers but also build a strong and loyal customer base who will easily remember Kaspersky the moment they remember Green Bear. The initiatives on social media are also an effort to have a great brand recall and increase our customer base worldwide, he said.

So, don’t miss a great opportunity to be a part of this new campaign and win exciting prizes! Also, don’t forget to check out the awesome Kaspersky products that you could use to have a safe internet usage experience.

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