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Katrina Kaif’s Photo from A Scene in ‘Tiger 3’ Gets Morphed

Following a cybercrime incident involving actress Rashmika Mandanna, a manipulated version of a photograph featuring actress Katrina Kaif from a scene in 'Tiger 3' emerged.

Katrina Kaif’s Photo from A Scene in ‘Tiger 3’ Gets Morphed

After actress Rashmika Mandanna became a victim of a cyber crime, actress Katrina Kaif’s photograph from a scene in ‘Tiger 3’ got morphed. 

In the original photograph Katrina is captured in an action sequence where she’s seen fighting with a Hollywood star Michelle Lee. She’s clad in a towel. 

The morphed picture shows her adorning a low cut white top and matching bottoms with Michelle Lee standing behind her. 

The change has been brought about by AI tools. 

Audiences expressed shock at the images! 

One user wrote, “Deepfake is really scary! I need to take precautions i think!" said another. 

Another wrote, “Katrina Kaif's towel scene from Tiger 3 gets morphed. Deepfake picture is garnering attention and it's really shameful. AI is a great tool but using it to morph women is outright criminal offence. Feels disgusted,” wrote another user. 

The increase in the number of fake videos is alarming and poses a great concern for public personalities. 

The good news is that the AI generated image of Katrina Kaif has been removed. 

Earlier an altered  image of Rashmika Mandanna had gone viral in a video. It showed a woman in a black yoga suit whose face was morphed as Rashmika, entering an elevator. 

Rashmika called it “great misuse of technology” and "scary.”

The centre has taken action and sent a reminder to all social media platforms to stop the spread of false information. 

Amitabh Bachchan, Mrunal Thakur, and Naga Chaitanya also condemned the act.