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Know about the Water Borne Disease Norovirus

The people who feel unwell are asked to quit their plans of swimming if they do not wish to contaminate the water with Norovirus. Know about it in details now.

Know about the Water Borne Disease Norovirus

There is a new outbreak causing diarrhea and vomiting and experts diagnose it to call it Norovirus. Affecting the gastrointestinal tract of the body, the disease is most inclined towards mariners. Doctors are stating that this is a highly contagious virus and is likely to spread quickly as the contamination is passing through food. There has been a report where around 100 people said that they are facing the issues and doctors concluded that as Norovirus. All of them were reportedly spending time in a lake or beach or somewhere related to those people who have gone through these activities.

During the summertime, many people go swimming considering it as a great relaxing recreational activity of summer but now with this risk, the possibilities of such recreation will be numbered. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services told that a person who is putting the head underwater or gulping some amount of water while swimming is at higher risk of getting this disease.

What exactly is Norovirus? How does your body contract it?

Throughout the US, this contagious virus has spread its sprawl. People are getting stomach cramps, fever along with excessive vomiting which are the signs of diarrhea. In some cases, there are reports where the pain is starting soon after the virus enters the body. But experts say, if infected the symptoms are likely to show within 24-48 hours.

You might think that you will avoid your water-related activities for some time and you are safe from Norovirus, then you are wrong. The risks of getting the disease are so high that you can get the disease even if you visit a restaurant. If a contaminated person visits the restaurant, you are likely to get the disease as well. The germs are spreading through doorknobs and countertops and it’s difficult to avoid as per experts. The spokesperson of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services informed that though the disease is not deadly, the effects are likely to make patients very sick. But the recovery in most cases is expected within 2 days.

This is not the first time there is the outbreak of Norovirus. The medical history says that in 2015, there have been reports of 70 people in Oregon, who were suffering from the mentioned symptoms. In that case, the spread of the disease took place as an infected swimmer happened to vomit or have diarrhea while being in the swimming pool. Later on, from that contaminated water, the others got the infection.

The experts of CDC says that the probable cause of getting this disease is due to the irresponsible attitude of water recreation activity authorities. When the water remains untreated for long, such viruses form and starts spreading among people. The virus can live in water for a few months and sometimes up to several years if left untreated. By talking about treatment, the experts here, wish to clarify that they are not talking about the regular chlorine treatment of the water.

What preventive measures can be taken

The health experts are saying that the chances of spreading the virus decrease when people keep their hands sanitized. In a statement, the doctors say that people clean their faces all the time. There is a tendency among the people to use their hands for cleaning a dirt that they see anywhere in the body. People wash faces several times a day while forgetting to wash their hands. The hands have got most of the germs and while using that same infected hand, you are spreading the germs all over. In this scenario, the health specialists are asking people to wash their hands with soap and water. The same process should be followed if they are handling food in particular as the germs are likely to spread to others through food.  

The CDC is recommending people to have a shower before they get into the pool. The children who are likely to pee in water are asked to take breaks from swimming and use the bathroom. Parents are asked to change the diaper of the babies inside the bathroom and ensure proper disposal. You must ask the authorities of the pool about the water treatment and how lately it was done. Ensure from the authorities that the water is tested and free from virus.

Some experts are saying that if there is not a dire need to visit the doctor in the hospital then avoid it. Usually, the symptoms go away within 2 days like any viral disease. In worst cases, ask the doctor to visit rather than going to the hospital or any public place. As an infected person, you should be more cautious about not spreading the disease further.

The experts are not relying simply on reports and the helpline monitoring to gauge the spread of the Norovirus. The surveillance committee believes there needs to be a broader approach to understand the risks of the virus. The genome of the virus needs to be tested which is only possible after the authorities have collected enough samples. The concerned authority says that this will take time and can be done only after a trail of events.

The winter epidemic

Going by the reports, the summertime will show signs of the spread of the disease. With enhanced swimming activities and water-related sports, any infected person can spread the disease. In the winter time, due to the lesser maintenance of these areas, there are chances of the virus growth. Given a little chance to spread and then the virus will begin to show its true colors. The people are warned as there had been speculations that this winter will show the epidemic that has its outbreak in summer. People are getting the awareness message in advance and asked to take the required prevention or get ready if there are signs of the disease. The children are especially asked to stay out of the water if they feel ill and having a feeling of puke or uneasiness.  Avoiding the water and maintaining self-hygiene is currently the only possible solution suggested by the experts.


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