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Melania Trump Suits It up for Military Mothers and Spouses Event at the White House and It Really Suits Her Fine

Melania Trump is setting a whole new trend of wearing suits.

Melania Trump Suits It up for Military Mothers and Spouses Event at the White House and It Really Suits Her Fine

Melania and President Trump hosted a ceremony at the East Room in the White House to honor military mothers and spouses. Melania looked gorgeous in a black tuxedo suit. The sexy suit featured a deep v-neck with ruched sleeves and a wide black belt which accentuated her tiny waist. She left her hair loose and straight which looked voluminous and beautiful. She was glowing with the help of a dark tan, and completed the look with sultry, dark eye make-up and a nude-colored lipstick.

Melania cut a pretty picture as she was glowing with happiness.

There was a lot of love flowing between the President and the first lady. They gave each other loving glances as they took the stand to share their ideas and opinions about the event. The couple even shared a warm embrace. The President and his wife put on a display of very public affection at the event.

Melania leaned forward to her husband after she thoughtfully handed him a pen.

This public display of affection has definitely put to rest the rumors that there was trouble in the White house paradise. It is surprising to see Melania support her husband in the wake of the Stormy Daniels episode.

With a lot of love in the air, Melania and President Trump spoke about the sacrifices of the women and also appreciated the efforts they take to contribute to the armed forces. The President promised more federal and private sector job opportunities for military spouses and the end of the event he signed an executive order that aims to do so. 

Melania has taken a fancy to wearing suits. She has been sporting elegant suits at all her recent events.

A couple of weeks back she wore a white suit with a white belt at the waist which showed off her beautiful figure when she and President Trump welcomed President Emmanuel Macron, 40, and his wife Brigitte Macron, 64, to the White House. The jacket which had large lapels was from Ralph Lauren. Her white wide-brimmed hat stole the limelight. She wore bronze makeup to go with the white suit and she completed the white and tan look with white pointed stiletto heels by Christian Louboutin.

And now she sported a pretty pink suit at the annual Senate Spouses Luncheon. She was the guest of honor for the second year. She posted on Twitter that she felt “honored” to be able to represent her Be Best initiative, the cause that was launched the day before.

She posted a number of pictures on her Instagram account celebrating her Be Best campaign. The beautiful pink suit she wore to the occasion looked elegant and gorgeous. Her hair was well made and makeup looked apt for the occasion. She posed alongside other women, wearing a t-shirt that read: “Honor veterans every day.”  The pink jacket was from TibiThe oversized double-breasted jacket had a perfect cut and fit and was made of satin twill. The piece cost $595. Melania paired the jacket with pink satin-twill tapered pants which cost $450.

Melania uploaded many pictures of the event on her Instagram page. An image showed Melania happily talking with the guests at the event. Along with the pictures on Instagram she wrote: “The Senate Spouses Luncheon has a history of paying tribute to First Ladies & I was honored [sic] to attend today’s event.

She also spoke about Be Best.

The former model posted two pictures, taken at the White House, to her Instagram account to promote the cause.

“Thank you for your continued support & generous donation to Preston’s Veteran Flowers & Flags.

“Through #BeBest we can effect positive change for our children.”


The First Lady planned the Be Best initiative for children and to make them aware of the importance of being strong not only physically but also socially and emotionally.

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