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Messe Düsseldorf Acquires Top-Notch Brand in Dental Medicine

Thomas Schlitt said that over the coming years we will develop the FAMDENT shows further in close cooperation with Dr Anil Arora.

Messe Düsseldorf Acquires Top-Notch Brand in Dental Medicine

Messe Düsseldorf has acquired the FAMDENT Shows, one of the leading Indian trade events for dental medicine. The event will now become a member of the MEDICAlliance, the umbrella brand for all global healthcare exhibition activities of the Messe Düsseldorf Group. A corresponding agreement was signed by Thomas Schlitt, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. Anil Arora and Dr. Jyotika Arora, the organizers of the FAMDENT Shows.


Thomas Schlitt said that over the coming years we will develop the FAMDENT shows further in close cooperation with Dr Anil Arora. It perfectly fits in with our growth strategy through which we install new trade fair themes for India while also capitalising on promising investment opportunities by acquiring already established industry events, looking to the future with excitement.


Due to the country’s growing health consciousness rising spendable incomes in India are also particularly being invested in healthcare provision. According to a market study of the Indian Dental Association (IDA), the national market volume for dental services amounts to about US$ 1.2 billion and its annual growth rate is estimated at 20%. Furthermore, the subcontinent is benefiting from global digitalisation because dental technology services are being outsourced to Indian laboratories in its wake.

The FAMDENT shows has been held annually in Mumbai since 2005 and has been complemented by two other regional events at the alternating locations Hyderabad, Pune, Indore and Nagpur since 2015. Focal themes include fittings for dental surgeries, dental clinics and supplies for dental laboratories as well as dental treatment products.

He said that held in parallel with the trade fairs are conferences and workshops for continuous dental education rewarded with CDE credits. Accordingly, these side events primarily address a skilled professional audience. In addition, every year sees the ‘FAMDENT Awards’ being presented to honour outstanding achievements in dental medicine.

Dr Anil Arora, Founder and CEO of FAMDENT, said that he is excited with this development. Messe Dusseldorf India is a leader in medical exhibitions and brings global and local expertise. He is confident that this synergy with Messe Dusseldorf India will help FAMDENT Shows achieve new heights by making the shows international – both in terms of exhibitors and visitors.

The publications Famdent & Endodent will continue to stay within the Famdent Group’s umbrella under the leadership of Jyotika and himself and they will continue their endeavours to utilise this effectively to grow the exhibition and award portfolio. He is looking forward to work in close cooperation with Messe Dusseldorf India. Their loyal dental community across India that attend our shows year after year will have access to more international exhibitors and speakers in addition to reputed Indian speakers and exhibitors, he said.

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