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Netizens Roar against the Brutal Rape & Murder of Priyanka Reddy, Celebs Demand Justice!

The brutal rape and murder of Dr. Priyanka reddy in Hyderabad has shook the nation once again. The entire social media, including celebs demand justice!

Netizens Roar against the Brutal Rape & Murder of Priyanka Reddy, Celebs Demand Justice!

She was young and beautiful, she was a veterinary doctor and only 26, she was gang-raped, killed and burnt. Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s brutal rape and murder shook the nation once again. Netizens, including celebrities, raise their voice against such a ghastly affair, and demand effective measures and justice, immediately.


The incident took place on Wednesday night, while Priyanka’s scooty broke down and four men assured helping her by fixing the scooty. Priyanka informed the matter to her parents, however, when her family tried reaching out to her on mobile, it was switched off. Later, her body was found on Thursday morning, around 7 am under Chatanpalli bridge in Shadnagar.


According to reports, she was gang raped, smothered and then burnt. The 4 accused of the rape and murder charges have been identified and detained are, Mohammad Areef, a driver, Jollu Naveen, a cleaner, Chennakeshavulu, a cleaner, Jollu Shiva, a driver. 


Recently, there have been other such violent episodes surfacing across media platforms which have clearly agitated the Indian residents. The rising safety issues encircling the women of this country have become a matter of national concern in the last few years.


The mass is vehemently seeking capital punishments for rapists, like hanging them in public or severe tourture as forcible manoeuvres.


And this is how the celebs reacted to it:

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