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Social Media Strategy 2018 – Advertising Vs. Marketing

Paid vs organic, which one you use? Here is a comparison which can help you decide.

Social Media Strategy 2018 – Advertising Vs. Marketing

The current world is divided between paid advertising and organic marketing. Which one do you choose? How do you differentiate between the two? Most importantly, how do you create the right strategy to make these two tools work for your business?

First, you need to take a close look at the traffic generating ability of these two marketing tools. This information will decide which tool deserves your attention, your money and your effort.

The paid advertising and organic marketing both are essential parts of social media marketing strategy. However, the question is – which one of these offer better brand value and higher traffic?

Here we have taken the initiative to compare both of the tools. So, let’s get started with organic social media marketing strategy.

Organic SMM Strategy

Well, here you need to be a skilled player. If you want to acquire result in this game, you must have the idea of how a game gets played.

The success of the game depends on the knowledge of how social algorithm works and how it generates traffic. If you succeed in acquiring the right information and creating the right strategy, you will be able to generate desired number of web traffic using organic social media marketing strategy.   

You need to learn the rules of the game. You need to understand how the organic world gets operated. However, if you have some knowledge about the digital world, you would know that it is not easy to understand the social algorithm.

Social algorithm works differently for different social platforms. This is why – understanding the algorithm is not easy. You would have to take each platform separately and learn about the algorithm work of the particular platform.

If it comes to Facebook, to get ranking you would have to get high relevancy score. However, when it comes to YouTube, you would have to score high on watch time. Once your score on watch time is high, you can get into the recommended video list.

To make things difficult, the social platforms change the algorithm so that people find it almost impossible to figure out the math.

However, the objective of social algorithm is easy to figure out. It has been created to increase the user experience. So, what is the strength of organic social media marketing? Also, how can you use it to your advantage?

Strength of Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing works well when you are not looking for area specific traffic. So, if you are targeting people from all over the world, you can easily adhere to organic social media marketing. However, the moment the traffic requirement becomes focused on some particular area, the type of marketing loses its power to yield positive result.

Those with a tight a budget can opt for organic marketing as well. This can help you build a loyal group of followers. However, this type of marketing takes time to work.

If you have time to build your followers, if you are eyeing long term gain, you can go for this type of marketing. Converting web visitors into loyal follower takes time as well. You must have the patience and willingness to invest time on this.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Now, it is time to have a look at the paid social media strategy. If the experts are to be taken seriously, paid social media marketing strategy yields fast result. However, the fact is – only using paid advertising will not help you gain result.

The success of paid advertisement depends on one fact only - how interesting you can make the ads. If you want to get traffic from your paid campaign, you need to ensure that you are using right 'call to action' button.

This will create the direct link to your organization’s landing page. The landing page should be attractive enough to attract attention of the people. If you fail here, your website will face bounce rate.

So, what are the strengths of paid social media advertising?

There are some instances when you should use paid ads. In these cases, organic social media marketing will not work.

Creating brand awareness is an essential part of digital marketing strategy. The startups find it difficult to acquire follower base. This is why paid ad campaigns become essential for them. It helps in creating quick brand awareness. So, if you are hard pressed for time, you can opt for paid ads.

Driving quick traffic can be difficult. With organic social media marketing you will not be able to get fast traffic. If you use the paid advertisement, you will be able to drive quick traffic to your website. This is one event when you should make the effort of opting for paid campaign.

When you are targeting a specific audience, you need to opt for paid social media marketing campaign. If you can optimize the ads properly, these will surely reach the targeted people. They will surely click on your ads and then they will get to visit your landing page.

Now, the question is which one to use when you are opting for traffic. The experts will tell you that you need to strike a balance between these two. The experts are right. However, there are times when you cannot focus on both the marketing tools.

So, you need to compare the two and try to find out which one will be beneficial for the promotional requirement.


You need to monitor the progress if you want to get the proper result. It is essential that you make it a point to analyze each step that you are taking. You must know that when it comes to social media marketing success, some important facts play significant roles.

You need to assess the time which you are spending on the social media campaign. You must monitor the engagement of each post, including likes and shares. Additionally, you need to judge the relevancy of the post as well.

Lastly, paid ads will get you huge traffic. But, the organic marketing will get you a steady road ahead. You just need to know when to use it for success.

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