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The Last Color Starring Neena Gupta Won Two Awards at the Indian International Film Festival

Neena Gupta won made us proud with her recent award at the Indian International Film Festival. The movie "The Last Color" bagged two awards the event.

The Last Color Starring Neena Gupta Won Two Awards at the Indian International Film Festival

While India is engrossed with all the pomp and glory of IIFA, silently an Indian movie reached heights of recognition. 

Neena Gupta's film directed by Vikas Khanna, The Last Color bagged the award for the Best Feature Film and Best Actress at the Indian International Film Festival of Boston. The Last Color is a film that deals with the taboo surrounding widows in Vrindavan and Varanasi in India. 

An elated Neena took to Instagram to express gratitude towards her fans for their affection and backing. The movie is the directorial presentation of widely acclaimed by famous chef Vikas Khanna. The film's first look was disclosed at the Cannes Film Festival and has since ventured out the world over to different film festivals including New York Indian Film Festival 2019 and Indie Meme Film Festival among others. 

The Last Color

The movie revolves around a 9-year-old tightrope walker who befriends a widow and promises to bring back color to her life. The film is an adaptation of Khanna's own book 'The Last Color' published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

The story happens in the city of Varanasi, India where Chhoti, a nine-year-old tightrope walker and flower dealer, fantasies about sparing 300 rupees ($ 4), with the goal that she can go to school. She faces a day by day battle for endurance alongside her closest companion Chintu. 

Chhoti gets to know Noor, a white-clad widow who endures an existence of absolute forbearance and is prohibited from partaking in any celebrations, particularly Holi, the Indian celebration of colors. After some time, Choti and Noor's friendship and inspiring otherworldly bond get through the obstructions of the standing framework. 

Noor energizes the valiant young lady to confront life by "flying high" with boldness, instruction, and poise. She shares her fondest, however, firmly kept cherished recollections of playing with colors. Chhoti guarantees Noor that, this Holi, she will at sprinkle Noor with her most favorite pink color. Yet, on Holi's eve, Noor passes away, and during a sweep, Chhoti is detained by the corrupt police personnels, driven by the savage and harassing Raja. Will Chhoti have the option to stay faithful to her obligation? 

After twenty four years, Chhoti turns into an advocate and battles for the cultural changes that will achieve the restoration of both widows and the street children. 

The Last Color is an account of promises that are meant to be kept and shows no matter how broken you are, a companionship that has no limits heals it all. It is a hope, opportunity, and triumph of the human soul.

About Neena Gupta

Known for her work in both art house and various commercial films. She was given the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for playing a youthful widow in Woh Chokri (1994). 


Gupta's TV appearances incorporate the main job in the major daily soap Saans (1999) and as the host of the Indian form The Weakest Link, named Kamzor Kadii Kaun. 

Gupta has shown up in a few worldwide movies, for example, Gandhi (1982), in which she played the niece of Mahatma Gandhi, and Merchant Ivory films, The Deceivers (1988), Mirza Ghalib (1989) In Custody (1993), and Cotton Mary (1999). She likewise established a connection in Indian parallel film, for example, Mandi (1983), Rihaee (1988), Drishti (1990) and Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda (1992). 

In spite of this, Gupta never had a noteworthy business hit and thought that it was hard to discover increasingly emotional jobs: "I committed a couple of errors at the start of my career. I didn't have anyone to guide me. I didn't have a secretary. I didn't call up directors or meet individuals requesting jobs. Likewise, as a result of the media, there is a discernment that I am a tough lady. Tragically, in our general public, that conflicts with you. In this way, I got negative, vampish roles as it were. Plain and straightforward female roles never come to my path as a result of my picture, which is exceptionally off-base. My own life got pigeonhole into my career life.

Neena says she has consistently got jobs of strong woman yet additionally wished to play a role portraying a damsel in distress. "I have constantly strong roles of resilient ladies from the earliest starting point of my career. The media had assembled my view of being a tough lady on account of my own life. I needed to play the lady in trouble, yet I wasn't allowed a chance to investigate that sort of a character," she said. 

Talking about her ongoing undertaking, Neena stated: "I, for the most part, don't get the motion pictures I audition for. With 'Badhaai Ho', I adored the content yet was restless that another person may get the job. I didn't try out for the job, and I didn't know the director. 

Later, when I met (executive) Amit Sharma, I beseeched him to give me the job since I truly needed to play it, and after four or five of our meetings, I got chosen. I was incredibly cheerful." 

Headlines of famous dailies mention Neena as the Badhaai Ho star. Though they are not wrong in that but only referring her as Badhaai Ho star is definitely an unjust call of fame for a talent like hers. 

Remember she once sought work through social media? 'I live in Mumbai and working, am a good actor looking for good parts to play.' This was written by a National Award winning actress who worked in the industry for almost three decades. The post inspiring made us wonder about Bollywood filmmakers had stopped casting her in the projects. It was an alarm for filmmakers and their choice of cast.

Soon after this, she was cast for the role in Badhaai Ho. 

Neena Gupta has just had double victory at the Indian International Film Festival of Boston. This award is great news for the film industry. We are elated as finally, she is getting the recognition that she truly deserves.

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