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Tips from Social Media Professionals to Stay ahead in the Digital Game

Digital media is a growing medium and the right tactics will keep you ahead in the digital race. Redesign your strategies with the guidance of some top social media professionals.

Tips from Social Media Professionals to Stay ahead in the Digital Game

Losing out in the social media crowd is easy if you are not updated about the latest techniques. With changes taking place every day, the experts of the industry, advice to take out time from running the race and analyze the growing demand of the platform.

As Neal Schaffer, the social media speaker, consultant, and author say that it is very important to understand the social media algorithms. The community is a very important part of influencer marketing, the marketer must understand the community and only that will ensure a better engagement. As per his ideas, the trust building is more important than mere engagement with the brand. So, the aim should be to influence these communities to communicate the message of the brand.

Strategize in the content model

As per experts, the whole model is based on the perfect balancing of the text optimization, understanding the audience ethos and still maintaining the creativity factor. Experts suggest that it is not tough if you start following a few steps in a chronological way.

  • Get it done with your audience research- The content might be something you are familiar with but the audience you are writing for must be your concern. You can check the Quora or any other social media community to check exactly what your targeted community is looking for in terms of content. You might as well get an idea of the tone in which the communication is going on and as per that you can implement the same in your writing to keep a sync. Target to write over topics that people are questioning about in the community groups.

  • Competitor check- Experts say that your experience only counts if you learn from your own mistakes or take a close note over competitor’s success stories. Your work is to find out the gaps that are left by your competitors. This is where you will stand different and attract the audience.

  • Keyword usage and placement- Here it needs an intervention of SEO professionals who will undertake the work of keyword analysis. Social media professionals say that the placement is the factor that cannot be taught but an experienced content person will definitely be smooth in the blending.

  • Holding the attention span- Experts say that readers are there to drift away and it is the strength of the content and the style of storytelling that bind the audience to the continue. Here, visual pays a major role and as per the study, it has been seen, a graphical presentation of data ensures a longer attention span of readers.

Tips on local SEO

As per a report of Google, around two-third smartphone users become potential buyers when they get a customized information as per their location. Google authorities suggest that to perform local SEO it is important for a company to gain a substantial rank in Google My Business and that can be secured by focusing on the three factors, which are - Prominence, Distance, and Relevance.   

When the rankings are high in GMB, the chances of your company to rank in the top Google search becomes an easy claim. To make the GMB profile, you need to be very accurate. After the category is selected, there’s the space to add the business description and then, it is very important to add the relevant practice areas. Ensure that the contact details are absolute and people in need can contact your company.

After the completion of the profile, you need to get the strategies done for location-based searches, which is the most important criteria of local SEO. Selecting a high volume keyword with the city name is suggested by experts. Use the target phrase in the title, Meta description, and heading and in image file names.

Here, also differentiating plays an important role. Use of relevant images works for this purpose. Get reviews for the business as per the state bar guidelines. Offline presence is another important criteria for local SEO. Build enough citations and inbound links directing to your website.

Let the experts’ verdict guide you

Automation must be replaced with the real-time experiences and sharing natural thoughts. The content must have the loyalty factor for which the audience will feel free to communicate. Samantha Kelly, the Founder/CEO of the Women’s Inspire Network has got Twitter tips where she suggests to build communities over chat. The use of proper hashtags is recommended for this purpose for Twitter videos.

The founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner points out the reason why projects fail over their marketing strategies. He says that the main flaw remains in the lack of audit. Without that the marketers won’t have an idea which trending pattern is accepted by the audience. Being static is the basic mistake as per his views. He also suggests not to rush with everything at a time. Just because there are new opportunities, you need not put everything on the platter at one go. You have to wait for the right moment and bandwidth before stepping into the strategy.  

If you wish to have a look at the future strategies of Chris Strub, CEO of I Am Here, LLC, in his statement, he clearly mentioned that “Stories are expected to outpace Feeds as our primary mechanism of content creation. Every marketer should be thinking of an effective, sustainable and human-first Stories strategy -- especially on Instagram -- before it's too late.”

The ethos of marketing as a whole has never changed and the same applies to the digital media where the audience or the customer secures the foremost place before any super successful theory or the latest technology. The communication must be two way where you listen and then respond as per queries, rather than simply throwing up some ideas to an audience who are not at all your target group. The smart move is to communicate within that response, grab the opportunity to convince your audience selling your proposal.


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